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The War Wound Acts Up....

...or, Mojo Manages to Find Yet Another Thing to Complain About.

No, I haven't forgotten my promise--or is it a threat?--to discuss various scams and whatnot. But I spent most of yesterday walking around with the feeling of an imminent heart attack. Which I eventually realized was due to the Old War Wound. More Mojo!>>

Beisball Be Veddy Veddy Bad To Me...

Mojo is not a particular fan of any organized sport. True, she used to casually follow football (both Favorite Parental Units, you may recall, hie from Penn State), and I can still watch a game if it's mildly interesting and not an out-and-out slaughter, which is dull. But my Favorite Husband cannot stand any form of organized sport, particularly professional games, and I learned early on in our relationship that if I were to watch a game it would be with him yapping continuously on the sidelines about why people shouldn't be revered and given large sums of money to play a game. More Mojo!>>

In Which Mojo Gets a Gold Star for PATIENCE!

Okay, there is a very nice well-intentioned person in my life. For lack of a better name I will call this person "Ms. Tedious". Ms. Tedious is a very nice person, as I said, so whenever Mojo is in her presence Mojo strives to be uncharacteristically nice as well and tries VERY HARD not to be snarky or mean. But I've gotta say, it's getting tough. More Mojo!>>

They're Baaaaack....

Of course, they've been back for the better part of a month. I've just been lazy blogging about them. "Them" being juncos. They've been taking a back seat to all the flocks of turkeys strutting about, because turkeys are honkin' BIG dudes, whereas juncos are anonymous little flittery things. If they didn't have wings, they'd be mice. More Mojo!>>

A Stroll Down Stupidity Lane

As staggering as it might sound to those of you who have come to regard Mojo in an almost goddesslike fashion, I must admit she was not always the Paragon of Intelligence she clearly is now. No, for some reason this past weekend Mojo and her Favorite Husband got into swapping Stupid Things I Did As A Kid stories, and left us both idly wondering how we survived childhood. More Mojo!>>

What *IS* It With All The TURKEYS?

No, not in the usual usage, of a stupid person, although heaven knows Mojo has suffered her share of them. No, this time I mean the birds. As in, LOTS of them.

I don't know what's going on in Turkeyland--I'm fairly sure they don't migrate to any great extent--but lately I can't drive more than two miles without encountering FLOCKS and FLOCKS of them hanging out by the side of the road. More Mojo!>>

A Quick Post--

We are playing survivor. We camped out in the back yard last night. We survived. Even the animal that, for the past two nights, has been making its presence known to us by making a very loud sound like a cat is being ripped limb from limb by a turtledove. I don't know what it is. We heard it the night before and then again tonight. It keeps up the caterwauling for a solid minute. At first you think something's being killed and you feel bad for it, but by the end you just want it to shut up. More Mojo!>>

Yet MORE Foxy Video....

Okay. As usual, this requires a rather lengthy preamble.

For a while a few years ago, I had a resident fox who spent many a winter's day curled up in a patch of sun up in the woods of the back yard. Snoring away. I have I don't know how much footage of him, but let's face it--after the initial "Oh, look, it's a fox!" watching an animal sleep is about as exciting as watching a person sleep. Which is to say, not very. More Mojo!>>


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