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Mojo's Dramatic Indecision

As you all know--or at least SHOULD know--Mojo practically worships John Cleese as being just about the perfect mix of funny, talented and smart. Mojo's Favorite Husband is likewise funny, talented and smart, but he was not around during Mojo's Delicate Formative Years whereas John Cleese was, since Mojo's family was an early fan of Monty Python in the 70s, when they first ran on PBS. I thought John Cleese was a standout then, and continues to this day. Mojo wuvs her some John Cleese, okay? More Mojo!>>

Euuuuwwww, Redux

Okay, I'm officially grossed out. There's a medicine called Enablex (sp?) that has something to do with urinating. Either excessively or the lack thereof. Not sure because (as usual) I haven't been paying attention. But they have decided that, in order to get people to visualize the discomfort of a full bladder, they have all these big animated over-filled water balloons hopping and sloshing about.

The truly horrifying part is, at least on some of the banner ads I've seen, this one poor water balloon is hopping about, and it BURSTS. More Mojo!>>

The Day Mojo's Earth Stood Still!

Yes, New Year's Eve, Mojo style. My Christmas present to my Favorite Husband was to FINALLY get him to the dealership and commit to a car. We finished the paperwork today and we pick it up Saturday. I will be glad when he's driving a car with 4WD instead of that terrible work van. More Mojo!>>

What's Wrong With Me, Part 47

Once in a while Mojo admires someone. I have a tendency to admire people who are very very funny and smart. And top o' the list has to be John Cleese.

I have loved John Cleese since Monty Python first waded over the pond and opened up the collective American brain. I thought he was the best thing in MPFC, and when he left they should have closed up shop.

[adsense:300x250:1:1] More Mojo!>>

"Llamas Are Bigger Than Frogs."

So I was chauffering a five-year old around the other day, and in an effort to stop the "guess what?" questions I pointed out the window at a field we were passing and said, "Look, llamas!"


"Llamas." Because as we all know, every moment spent with Mojo is an educational moment. "Llamas kind of look like really big sheep, only they have long legs and long necks. They're related to camels."

"Why are they called llamas?"

"Um, I don't know. Because that's their name."

"But why?"

"Um, well, why do we call dogs dogs?"

A moment's thought. And then "Because that's their name?" More Mojo!>>

What's the deal with celebrities?

I *honestly* do not get it. All the celebrity baby news dominating the airwaves right now. People may be dying by the thousands somewhere, but oooh, so-and-so stubbed her toe! (PICTURES! I NEED PICTURES!)

I can see admiring someone--like, say, Mojo--for their innate talents or unusually kind demeanor. But aside from buying a teeny-bopper fan book about David Cassidy when I was eight years old (a tendency I quickly outgrew), I don't see why people are so ga-ga over them. They are human beings, people. Most of the time they are just the result of a happy accident of genes, not any sort of real talent. More Mojo!>>

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