turkey vulture

Stop-Action Turkeys

I can remember the first time I saw a wild turkey. We were renting a house in the middle of an industrial park--sort of this island of woods and fields in the middle of this huge airport industrial park, maybe half a mile from the airport. We had this very long half-a-mile driveway, and we were on our way out--the driveway dumped us in the middle of an aerospace contractor's parking lot--when we encountered this huge bird sitting in the middle of our driveway. It was way too big and ugly to be one of our chickens, and not ugly enough to be a turkey vulture. More Mojo!>>

Possible Signs of Spring...

So the other day I'm driving along a local highway, and the median grass strip contained a good-sized flock of robins. I've reported before that the robins tend to arrive in late February and early March around here. They start off in these big flocks for a few weeks until they get territorial. Also, right after they arrive we have lots of snow, and I have the vague worry that they're all going to starve to death with the food buried.

But I guess robins have been around slightly longer than Mojo, so perhaps her worrying is in vain. Oh, well. It gives Mojo something to do. More Mojo!>>

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