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Mojo Wishes Everyone a Mary Christmas Eve!

...Especially to Karen Moy, writer of the Mary Worth comic strip, for a full year of entertainment right up to the very end. Because nothing says "Christmas" to Mojo like "child abduction", which is what Mary is dealing with right at the moment! Or, rather, she is dealing with a bureaucratic police dispatcher who is demanding Mary's life story before they decide whether or not to send the police around to check out Mary's allegations that she's seen the child in question at a diner getting free ice cream.

Mary Worth Christmas

Mary Worth has been so awesomely entertaining this year, and we have the fun and all-around good sport Karen Moy, serial strip writer extraordinaire, to thank. Who not only started up the Mary Worth Merch Shop on Cafepress, but who also very recently added a sly boots self-reference that warmed Mojo's cynical and cracked heart-cockles like nobody's bidness:

Mary Worth Strip

Hah! Ya gotta love it, Mojo sez! REALLY!

A Mary Worth Christmas to everyone! Even to those Scrooges who don't like the old biddy!



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THERE, now! You SEE why Mojo reads her Mary Worth every day? Of course, I suppose it might not be so funny if you haven't been following the story this past month or so. A story, like so many of them lately, that has nothing whatsoever to do with Mary Worth, yet they plug her at the end so we remember who's the actual star of the comic strip. Besides, when one is in love, and finally reunited with one's object d'affection after years and YEARS and YEARS of separation, it is only right that one thinks of the elderly biddy who once talked to you in a diner while you brought her coffee.

It's like, Mojo has been married for over twenty years, okay? And unlike those unfortunates who get bored or angry or whatever, Mojo remains vibrantly and stupidly in luv with her Favorite Husband, at least thus far. And I can't help but suspect that one of the clues to this revolting sort of storybook happiness is, when I tell my Favorite Husband I love him, usually (usually, mind you!) I am not also privately thinking, "I love chocolate chip cookies, too!" Nor do I receive a thank-you hug from said Favorite Husband, only to turn to the camera behind his back, a la Television Commercial Wife, to whisper, "...and thank YOU, Aunt Jemima!" Because that behavior, to Mojo's Stodgy and Old-Fashioned Way of Thinking, indicates that your heart really isn't in The Moment, is it.

Not that there's anything wrong with chocolate chip cookies. I've forgotten where I'm going with this one. Have a good weekend, anyway!



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Mojo's Favorite Husband is Sooooooo Lucky....

I'm sitting here watching the fluffy local news (yeah, like the national is any better, but I digress) and as usual they feel the need to waste Mojo's valuable time with filler stories on how much people spend on Valentine's Day.

How much does Mojo and her Favorite Husband spend on V-Day? Answer: Zero. Nada. Zilch. Not that we don't Love Each Other, heaven forfend. We just don't seem to follow society's mandates when it comes to showing it.

I have never ever EVER ascribed to the disturbingly pedophilic weirdness that is the Love Is... comic strip--even when I was a child I thought it was vaguely disturbing, let alone nowadays when THIS one just sort of leaves me with my jaw dropping--but our LUV also does not include the usual stuff--flowers, candy, etc. More Mojo!>>

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