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Mojo Versus the Phone Companies

So Mojo has sadly resigned herself to the fact that the Evil V will never, ever EVER give her DSL internet.

Mojo is okay with reality. She doesn't spend too much time moping or wishing things were different or droning endless affirmations reflecting how she would like her life to be under the delusion that doing so will somehow change things. She is happy enough with her MiFi, and for any HUGE uploads she goes visiting other people under the pretense that she likes them, when really she just wants to jump on their wireless to upload another pointless YouTube video. It's what she calls a "social life".

But after hearing a happy tale from a luckier person (who we suspect is just throwing her extreme internet happiness in Mojo's face, but once again whatcha gonna do), she thought she'd see if Evil V's competitor, AT&T, might be willing to supply home phone and internet. So she goes to AT&T's site and plugs in her address to see if any form of high speed internet is available in her area. More Mojo!>>

Two Tasks Complete!

Got The Call late yesterday afternoon. The surround panel finally came in for our wood stove insert. They're going to install it on Saturday morning. Googling my insert, they are still having problems filling orders--they still have a two-to-three month waiting list, with people buying their stoves now told not to expect delivery until June.

Of course with the nice weather, after a month of solid burning we've let it go out the past two days. So except for the occasional fire-up, it looks like the burning season is pretty much over with, to end with yet another preposition. Or, rather, another preposition to end with. But now we are prepared for next winter. When heating oil prices will probably be double. Wood prices, too. So looks like I'll be spending the summer cutting and splitting wood. Which is what I was in the middle of a year and a half ago when I started my Carnival of Smiles.

(Incidentally, for some reason yesterday my stupid arm started up with its stabby pains again. Why? You've got me. I just mention it because I so dearly love to complain. Plus I think I WILL have to spend another summer in long sleeves. Such is life.)

Oh, and the second task? Mojo's Favorite Younger Sister exhibits all the creativity and potential Mojo once had before life beat her down and cast her aside. As evidenced by this YouTube video below, which she directed and her husband animated. (I have mentioned before that she stalks the band--oh, no, excuse me, I mean, she is a fan of BNL. Mojo would like to say she helped with this video, but in all honesty her help was limited to saying, "hey, yeah, that's cool" when shown it in various stages of completion. Which I'm sure was An Invaluable Contribution.)

You will note that neither one of these tasks involve Mojo exerting any sort of effort whatsoever. She just sort of sits there like a beached whale while stuff happens around her. See? The system works!


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