Serendipity, Mojo-Style

So Mojo recently rented the David Tennant Hamlet from Netflix (yes, Mojo is a Hamlet weenie who watches 'em all--even the laughably bad Gibson one) but she hasn't watched it yet. She is TOTALLY looking forward to it, since Patrick Stewart plays Claudius, as he did in my all-time favorite Hamlet, the Derek Jacobi one. More Mojo!>>

Mojo's Psycho Movie Weekend!

This long weekend was a time to visit old celluloid friends, every one of them a great movie, lots of fun, and filled with psychotic and/or downright evil people. I'm sure there's some deep-seated psychological reason why somebody with a decent happy upbringing and decent happy private life such as Mojo's would enjoy such things, but there ya have it. She has a thing for obsessive crazies in books, too, which is why she likes such psycho-fests such as the last hundred pages or so of Moby Dick and Golding's The Spire. More Mojo!>>

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