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Mojo Moose

Mojo's Moose

Just when you thought Mojo's life looking out the window couldn't get any more exciting, we have this.

Our neighbor down the street is an avid (and skilled and respectful; not the beer-swilling idiot kind) hunter who owns the land up above our white pine woods way behind our house. He has told me time and time again that moose frequently bed down for the day in our saplings in the back.

We have lived here for well over a decade and I've seen moose poo and moose tracks all over the place. Once we came home from a week's vacation and found not only very large moose tracks circling the house, but little baby moose tracks in the sand coming right up to the dog door. So we KNOW they're out there. Just never saw one, until last Sunday, when the cowardly dog decided to exercise her window muscles (like beer muscles, except dogs don't drink beer--at least MINE doesn't) and wake us up threatening said ungulate with Certain Death should she remain in the back yard.

All Mrs. Moose did, when she realized the house was awake, was very slowly wander behind a thin screen of saplings and just stood there, motionless. I have often said when hiking in our woods that there was a fairly good chance we were being watched; it never ceases to amaze me how very quiet these HUGE creatures--moose and bear--can be when they wish. She didn't panic, she just took her time and drifted until she was hidden, and then she stood there, not moving, for a good five minutes or so. More Mojo!>>

Mojo's Spot

So many sad, angry people ask me: Why, Mojo, how do you ever maintain your saintlike equanimity when faced with this vale of tears I call life? To which Mojo replies, Simple. I go to my spot. For just as Pooh--a Bear With Very Little Brain--had his Thinking Spot, so Mojo--a woman with very little else to recommend her--has her Spot, safely far enough away from polite society to render her fairly harmless and easy to ignore. More Mojo!>>

Mojo Has Decreed...

...that yes, indeed, it is finally spring.

Monday afternoon after my bitter whining (and no, I didn't end up seeing a sad movie; instead I watched cartoons--welcome to the roller coaster of Mojo's sorry existence) I was driving around and I *DID* see two whole robins. Not together, but singletons. It did not necessarily raise my spirits, but it did give Mojo hope for the future. More Mojo!>>

Mojo Skips Through Dewy Meadows

Mojo's decided to take a day’s vacation from snarking to show off some of the flowers in her back yard.

Not that she's planted them, or engages in any form of real landscaping. These just sort of show up every year, and Mojo is too lazy to make the effort to get rid of them. More Mojo!>>

Mojo Tells a Tale, Finally....

Someone reminded Mojo off-blog yesterday of something, and she re-read her blog entry pertaining to it. And the blog entry said I had another story to tell about the subject, and I would someday tell it. And as usual, Mojo never did. So I'm going to tell it now. More Mojo!>>

Wildlife Week Concludes With a Scene of Incredible Dullness!

Have you heard this story before? Maybe. I am too lazy to look it up, myself. So if I repeat myself, at least rest assure that when Mojo repeats herself it is still a hundred times better than some tiresome people who can't tell a story ONCE without it being excruciatingly painful for their audience. I know someone who occasionally announces "Hey, I heard a great joke the other day..." and whenever they do something inside Mojo dies a little. She starts casting about for excuses to leave. But it's always too late, huh? More Mojo!>>

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