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Housebound....Day One.

...or, Why Oh Why Did Mojo Buy That Two-Pound Frozen Tiramisu at Costco?

Mojo's Favorite Husband is away on a bidness trip. Mojo's home. The library's closed. Everything's closed. The cat's curled up with the dog on the dog bed. The stove and the fireplace are going strong. A new batch of bread is growing its little yeastie beasties in the kitchen. I re-watched the new Hairspray movie. It's cute and fluffy and harmless. Very sweet. Whoever the kid is who plays Seaweed is gonna go far, Mojo's thinking. Quite charismatic and a heckuva singer. Cute, too. All the kids did good. The newcomer who played Tracy did a bang-up job as well. Plus Mojo just loves Queen Latifah. I could watch her sing the phone book.

It was a nice change of pace from Into Great Silence, which I also watched today. A documentary on a French monastery in the Alps. I enjoyed it, but I realized five minutes into it my Favorite Husband probably couldn't get through it. It was beautifully shot, but he'd be wondering when the explosions were going to start. It was an enjoyable double feature--French monks in silent contemplation followed by idealistic kids dancing and integrating Baltimore television in the Sixties. I caught John Waters in a cameo--he plays the flasher in the first song.

At the end of the movies I discovered a quarter of the tiramisu is gone. That's a HALF A POUND of tiramisu, I'm ashamed to say. In one sitting. I WILL point out it was nearly a FIVE HOUR SITTING, however, with occasional breaks to feed the stove. Therefore I am not to blame for any consequences.

Looks like there's four or five inches on the ground already.

Now I think I'm going to watch the original Hairspray, which I have on tape somewhere. The one with Rikki lake. Or maybe my girl Angela on my Sweeney Todd DVD to prepare me for the new movie. Or maybe I'll rewatch Chicago and see more Queen Latifah. I dunno. For a dessert so laden with caffeine I feel awfully lazy. Maybe I need more.

This is going to be a long evening.

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