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Mojo's Sad Firewood Tale

Mojo has not always been the tired, embittered fool you see before you now. No, at one time in her life, all dewy-eyed and pigtailed, full of girlish dreams, she was once happy and care free.

Not. Any. More.

What drove Mojo from skipping girlhood to the monstrous shell of a human being she has become? Well, I wouldn't tell just anyone, mind you, but just between you and me, kind random internet stranger, I will reveal the source of my sorrow. More Mojo!>>


Mojo finally feels she is ready for winter. The shed is full of firewood, finally out of the rain and drying for the first time in two months. The remaining cord or so we managed to finagle our neighbor to take. He broke his back this summer and got behind on his firewood, yadda yadda yadda. So we spent most of Sunday moving this cord or so with two pickup trucks and three people and two dogs flinging sticks about. Okay, so maybe the two dogs weren't much help, since Mojo spent much of her time ordering "No! Drop it! DROP it!" whenever there was a lull in the conversation. More Mojo!>>

MAN, Is Mojo EVER Getting Lazy....

Here's Part Three of the infamous Beaver Lodge video. Here you will see all three people, plus two dogs, enjoying the meditative qualities of, um, sitting in an abandoned beaver lodge. Yes, it is indeed as exciting as I am making it sound. That's professional copywriting for you!

Next week will be the last one, I promise...

Mojo More Mojo!>>

Mojo LIES To You Yet Again!!!!

Yes, I know. I now have people asking, "Where's the beaver lodge video? To which I say, aren't you used to Mojo LYING to you? I mean, this is the REAL world, pal. People don't always live up to your expectations. Even someone as marvelous as Mojo.

Truth is, Mojo lied to you on purpose. Is there anything more entertaining than watching her concoct her stammering excuses? It makes for easy copy on the blog, let me tell you. Lots of space-filling "uhhhhh"s and "aaaaaahhhhhh"s. It's rather like having to write an X-page paper for high school and filling it with digressions and anecdotes culled from five minutes of research. (Kids: most people, even teachers, mistake anecdotal evidence for real research. They also think a chart or a graph is indicative of some sort of "science" going on, even if there's NOT. So remember: casual, cherry-picked anecdotes that support your conclusion=research; charts 'n' graphs=science. You'll do JUST FINE. More Mojo!>>

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