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Serendipity, Mojo-Style

So Mojo recently rented the David Tennant Hamlet from Netflix (yes, Mojo is a Hamlet weenie who watches 'em all--even the laughably bad Gibson one) but she hasn't watched it yet. She is TOTALLY looking forward to it, since Patrick Stewart plays Claudius, as he did in my all-time favorite Hamlet, the Derek Jacobi one. More Mojo!>>

Snowbound, Day Two...

The snow is over. It's up to the undercarriage of the car, so I'm guessing about a foot.

Half the tiramisu is gone. So I guess the going rate is a pound a foot. I still like tiramisu this morning, but perhaps not quite as much.

The local news preempted the Ellen DeGeneres Show yesterday afternoon for a special hour-long "team coverage" thing in which they sent all their reporters out into the field to report stuff like "Wow! It's SNOWING!" "Yeah, and it's snowing over HERE, too!" More Mojo!>>

The Gods 'n' Goddesses of Yore....

Talking about Irene Papas yesterday got me pondering--hey, it beats being productive!--about just why I like ancient Greek mythology and whatnot. Because ordinarily I can't stand soap operas. But put 'em in togas, and I'll read or watch it 'til the cows come home. (Of course, I had a teenaged obsession was the miniseries I, Claudius, which, yes, is nothing but a giant soap opera, but let's face it, how many soap operas are you gonna get with the likes of Derek Jacobi, Patrick Stewart, Brian Blessed, Sean Phillips and other Royal Shakespearian sorts?) More Mojo!>>

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