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Ursa Minor Update

Update: The dog, Rosie, refused to go outside for the rest of the morning yesterday. Instead she went upstairs and stared out the bedroom window for several hours. She finally came back downstairs and went outside again around one or so in the afternoon. I am glad she's not a bear-worrier; they do say Golden Retrievers are, like, number four on the dog breed intelligence scale. Not Chasing Bears, I suspect, is a sign of intelligence.

Moose Encounters

We've lived up here for going on ten years, now, and while we've seen everything the moose leave behind--huge piles of huge droppings, tracks the size of dinner plates sunk deep in the mud at the edge of the water--we had yet to see a moose itself in all of our many walks in the woods. We've seen just about everything else--even bears have become sort of ho-hum--but not a moose. Sure, everyone else I've met see moose in boatloads. I don't think a month goes by that the paper doesn't have at least one user-submitted candid of a moose. More Mojo!>>

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