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Mojo Wishes Everyone a Mary Christmas Eve!

...Especially to Karen Moy, writer of the Mary Worth comic strip, for a full year of entertainment right up to the very end. Because nothing says "Christmas" to Mojo like "child abduction", which is what Mary is dealing with right at the moment! Or, rather, she is dealing with a bureaucratic police dispatcher who is demanding Mary's life story before they decide whether or not to send the police around to check out Mary's allegations that she's seen the child in question at a diner getting free ice cream.

Mary Worth Christmas

Mary Worth has been so awesomely entertaining this year, and we have the fun and all-around good sport Karen Moy, serial strip writer extraordinaire, to thank. Who not only started up the Mary Worth Merch Shop on Cafepress, but who also very recently added a sly boots self-reference that warmed Mojo's cynical and cracked heart-cockles like nobody's bidness:

Mary Worth Strip

Hah! Ya gotta love it, Mojo sez! REALLY!

A Mary Worth Christmas to everyone! Even to those Scrooges who don't like the old biddy!



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Mojo's New Exercise Regime....

Mojo is of course blessed with two wonderful sisters, the Favorite Older Sister and the Favorite Younger Sister, and has spent most of her life in friendly competition with the two. In the sense that, while Mojo whiles away her life in silly pursuits her two Favorite Sisters have been making careers for themselves, and Mojo pretends to compete when really she's just doggin' it so when she fails miserably she just explains that she's been doggin' it the whole time. Hey, it works for her. More Mojo!>>

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