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Mom's (Almost) Naked Cat Parade!

Mom's Stuffed Cats!

Okay, so Mojo is going to try to make this brief since it'll be the last Craptacular auction until she gets back from vacation. So if this is somewhat slap-dash, it's because Mojo doesn't really care. Mentally she is already swinging in a hammock somewhere. Of course there are those who argue that mentally she is always somewhere else anyway, somewhere that doesn't require intellect beyond tying one's shoes (and even then it's the cheater's way that Mojo learned, by making two loops and tying them together instead of making the one loop and wrapping things around somehow. Mojo never learned how to do it THAT way). More Mojo!>>

Mom's SHEEP Collection, Volume 1!

Mojo's Favorite Mother's Sheep Collection, Volume 1

Sheep Pot Holders!


Mojo's Favorite Mother also used to collect sheep. Not anymore. At least, this is what I gather, since she has given me a huge box full of things she once collected and now wants to get rid of. When I ask her why all she says is "I'm throwing things away." Mojo likes to think that it is her own influence, simplifying her life through the Craptacular, now rubbing off on her loved ones. But there is also the nagging suspicion that her Favorite Mother has just found an excuse to send her boxes of crap. Which is it? Only time--or an irate phone call from her mother yelling at Mojo for something she said about her on the Craptacular--will tell. More Mojo!>>

Animal Horn Bird Sculptures!

Mojo has just received an infusion of crap from her sainted Favorite Mother, who, despite Mojo's constant libels on the Craptacular and the mojocrap blog, continues to count Mojo as one of her four children, albeit the Forgotten Middle Child. All communications with the Favorite Parental Units seem to indicate that Mojo is still in the will, which frankly somewhat surprises Mojo, but she is smart enough not to look a gift horse in the mouth. Perhaps because Mojo, unlike all the other siblings, has actually taken it upon herself to find a bagpipe player and has already commissioned said unfortunate acquaintance to play at her Favorite Mother's funeral when that unhappy time should come to pass. (My mother was actually there when I proposed the scheme, and what's the poor bagpipe player to do when face to face with Mojo's Mother and asked if she will play at her funeral? Say "No" right to the someday-deceased's face? I don't think so! So Mom has her bagpipe player and Mojo remains in her Mother's Good Graces. Whoohoo!) So Mojo has agreed to sell some of her Favorite Mother's crap on eBay, in the hopes of worming her way even further into her Favorite Mother's good graces at the expense of Certain Lesser, Uncaring Siblings. More Mojo!>>

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