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IN WHICH Mojo Gets a DMCA Takedown Notice, and Does Not Respond Well To It.

AGES ago, and by that I mean YEARS, some Christmas I was struck by all the Christmas cards depicting the whole lion-lying-down-with-the-lamb thingie. Which is all very well and good. But every time I see one of those, I am reminded of the amusing Woody Allen quote: "The lion and the lamb may lie down together, but the lamb won't get much sleep."

So at some point I decided to paint my OWN lion and lamb card, to illustrate the Woody Allen quote. But when I was done, I found that--while I like him (much better than the lion, by the way; the lion kinda sucks)--my lamb did not look at all frightened, and hence he did not really depict worried insomnia at all. So instead I ended up captioning it with another sheep-inspired truism that I felt DID capture the essence of Mojo's Little Lamb: More Mojo!>>

Animal Horn Bird Sculptures!

Mojo has just received an infusion of crap from her sainted Favorite Mother, who, despite Mojo's constant libels on the Craptacular and the mojocrap blog, continues to count Mojo as one of her four children, albeit the Forgotten Middle Child. All communications with the Favorite Parental Units seem to indicate that Mojo is still in the will, which frankly somewhat surprises Mojo, but she is smart enough not to look a gift horse in the mouth. Perhaps because Mojo, unlike all the other siblings, has actually taken it upon herself to find a bagpipe player and has already commissioned said unfortunate acquaintance to play at her Favorite Mother's funeral when that unhappy time should come to pass. (My mother was actually there when I proposed the scheme, and what's the poor bagpipe player to do when face to face with Mojo's Mother and asked if she will play at her funeral? Say "No" right to the someday-deceased's face? I don't think so! So Mom has her bagpipe player and Mojo remains in her Mother's Good Graces. Whoohoo!) So Mojo has agreed to sell some of her Favorite Mother's crap on eBay, in the hopes of worming her way even further into her Favorite Mother's good graces at the expense of Certain Lesser, Uncaring Siblings. More Mojo!>>

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