fond memories

IN WHICH Mojo Goes to the Super Bowl!

Prior to this weekend, my sole experience with Indianapolis was driving through it on my way home from college sometime in the early eighties. It was three in the morning, in a torrential downpour, and I lost the driver's side wiper on my car.

This was in the days before cell phones or all night convenience stores, so I had to swap in the other wiper blade and rig the bare wiper arm so it wouldn't scratch the windshield. All this in the pitch dark and the pouring rain. So I never really had any fond memories of Indianapolis.

My Favorite Older Sister always yells at me if I bring this story up. She's always the first to defend Indianapolis. She said it had a lovely canal district with lots of interesting shops and restaurants. She really enjoys going there for business, and every time I mention rain or windshield wipers, she smacks me one.

So I decided to kill two birds with one stone. I'd travel to Indianapolis and see for myself what a magical and enchanted city it really is. Plus I'd see the Super Bowl. I realize there are many people out there who would die for a chance to attend the Super Bowl. To be honest, I don't really care one way or another, but through the magic of the internet I have been able to do both, and you have no real way of telling whether or not I actually did it. I now bring my story alive for YOU, so I can rub your collective faces in it and you can have the vicarious thrill of going to Indianapolis and attending the Super Bowl with me. Yeah, you feel like a winner already,  don'tcha? More Mojo!>>

A Nice Charity!

I was at the library yesterday and must have received a dozen telemarketer phone calls for various pathetic obscure publishers and whatnot trying to sell me books. What, is it something about April that drives them out of the woodworks? I HATE getting such calls at work because there is no caller ID and I am forced to answer the phone and be polite to them. At home I screen my calls and if I don't recognize the number--or if it's blocked--I don't pick up. This is to spare the telemarketer-monkey's feelings, because if I did pick up I would be rude to them. I despise telemarketing. Really. I would live under a bridge before I took such a disgusting job. If they were all to die tomorrow from some horrible disease I would be actually happy. I would not feel the slightest sorrow for their poor families or what terrible circumstances in life turned them into telemarketers. And we all know underneath her snarky veneer Mojo is usually a wellspring of compassion and kind thoughts, so telemarketing must indeed be as evil as she implies. More Mojo!>>

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