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More From Mojo's Sordid Past

Red WolvesJust when you thought Mojo couldn't POSSIBLY get ANY cooler (uhhhh, you WERE thinking that just now, weren't you?), Mojo has gone back to her private vault of experiences to bring you her tenure at what used to be "The Wolf Sanctuary", more formally known as the Wild Canid Survival and Research Center at Wash U's Tyson Research Center in Eureka, MO. Being the charming lass she is, Mojo got permission from various Authority Figures (heh heh--suckers) and spent many an hour communing with wolves, well before it became oh-so-super-trendy to do so. (And eventually Mojo accepted the simple fact that the wolves, as noble wild creatures of intelligence and discernment, have no particular desire to commune with HER. Which is a lesson many a nature-lover has yet to learn, it sometimes seems.)

(The WCSRC has since changed its name to the Endangered Wolf Center; you can see what they're up to (and, hint hint, donate!) at http://www.endangeredwolfcenter.org.) More Mojo!>>

Floral Oil Painting From Hong Kong!


When I was a kid my dad often went to Taiwan on business. And after conducting business, he often spent a day or two in Hong Kong with a huge shopping list his loving family (that would be us) compiled for him to get. (I suppose if he did not come home with it, we would be less than loving.) We kids really liked to get stuff (and we still do! Hint, hint) but we also just liked to casually mention to our friends that "oh, yeah, our dad's in Hong Kong again" and act like it was one big bore. (Hey, when you're only ten things like that seem really important.) More Mojo!>>

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