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More Movies!

We saw stuff other than muddy hippies, of course. Ummm, let's see... Well, we re-saw Office Space, which is always entertaining. Stephen Root is just amazing in everything he does. He's a real chameleon, which doesn't look like it's spelled correctly, but it's not being flagged. The thing I most remember about it is "You put salt on my margarita. Big grains of salt." And (this has stuck with me all these years; why I don't know--who really wants to delve into the mind of Mojo, anyway?) the main guy (forget his name) gutting the fish at his desk by ripping the whole lower jaw off. More Mojo!>>

More on the Grand Canyon

I finished reading The Weasel's morbid book on the Grand Canyon, and strange as it may seem it has made me more determined than ever to go there and visit. Some of it may be hubris, pretending I am indeed smarter than some of the chuckleheads in said book ("Lookit me! Quick! Take a picture! Waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!") but I think most of it is that it scared me, and being a phobic person from 'way back I have learned (the hard way, I assure you!) that the only way to conquer fear is to face it and not run away like the screaming coward I actually am. So now I am determined to go to the Grand Canyon and go rafting and muling and camping and the whole nine yards. More Mojo!>>


The Weasel came by to pick up her dog--We've been dog sitting for a week and a half while she was out west. Las Vegas and Arizona. Apparently stopped very briefly at one of the rims of the Grand Canyon, just to snap a picture and jump back in the car.

And also, apparently, to stop however briefly at the gift shop. More Mojo!>>

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