Mojo's Afternoon o' Sloth...

So I was up at three yesterday, doin' Important Stuff, and when I got back home in the early afternoon instead of taking a nap--which is what Mojo felt like doing, quite desperately--I instead decided to take a quick hike to my spot, since it looked and felt like one of the best last days of autumn. The lake gets REALLY COLD and windy once it freezes over, and the snow gets knee- and waist-deep, and a casual hike turns into some sort of endurance death march instead of a lazy stroll. And when you reach the lake, instead of "ahhh, here I am at the lake" you are instead sliced to ribbons by this freezing, freezing biting wind coming off the ice. So I tend to only hike down there in the winter when my Favorite Husband FORCES ME TO.

But for your continuing envy and edification, I took my cell phone with me, so in addition to fielding a call from my Favorite Older Sister I was able to document autumn's last gasp in Mojo's neck of the woods. More Mojo!>>

The Horror and the Purtyness

Faithful readers may remember some weeks ago when I whined because the dog was bringing home random body parts of some unfortunate winter-victim critter, and I was anticipating coming home to a big stinky carcass plunked into the middle of my living room. Now, I think I've established I'm no Martha Stewart, but I DO object to big stinky carcasses in the house, so when the first leg bone came home Rosie had to learn the oh-so-valuable lesson regarding OUTSIDE toys versus INSIDE toys.

And the lesson apparently stuck, much to Mojo's surprise, since the horrific skull she subsequently brought home for us stayed outside until its untimely demise in the driveway. Which is what happens when we leave our toys out under the DeathTrap's wheels. More Mojo!>>

Two Green, Stinky 6-inch Pillar Candles!

I suppose bidding on these candles might subject the winner to a lawsuit, but if everyone keeps quiet no one will find out. Possession being nine-tenths of the law you should then become the proud owner of a matched pair of pillar candles you can either use yourself or give to someone with a home you want to smell like stinky ferns. Allow me to explain. More Mojo!>>

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