A Lesson From Aloes

Aloe Vera

I don't know why I'm thinking of this, but I figured I'd share what lurks in Mojo's twisted brain, anyway.

Mojo was lucky, in college, to attend a school known primarily for its theater department. In addition to the many student productions it had a residential professional repertory group as well as housing the city's opera group. And, as a student, I had free comps to all of these. For a theater geek like Mojo, it was very nice.

Also, while I myself was not part of the theater program, many of my friends were. Including my first (and only) roommate, who was studying to be a stage manager. And one of the first things she stage managed was a pretty good production of an Athol Fugard play, entitled A Lesson From Aloes.

I realize there might be one or two of you out there who have no idea who Athol Fugard is. He's a relatively famous dissident South African playwright who wrote many works highly critical of South Africa's apartheid regime, which was still around when Mojo was in college. Fugard's A Lesson From Aloes was one of heaven knows how many artistic political statements condemning a terrible, terrible practice. I saw it a couple of times when it was produced, both because it was a pretty good production and also to support my roommate, who was a very nice person. More Mojo!>>

Laptopless, Day Three

Hopefully it's gonna be fixed today, huh? Because all this whining is starting to sound like what I imagine the diary of That Person sounded like. I have no idea who That Person is, but ever since I heard their story on the news ages ago I've been using them as a sort of private metaphor of not being particularly proactive. That Person was apparently caught in a snowstorm and drove his car off the road into a ditch. More Mojo!>>

An Old Friend Comes For Another Visit

I decided to upload some of my Simpsons quotes for your enjoyment and edification. If you don't like them, tough. I still enjoy them, being the sorry fool that I am. It's sort of like getting a fortune cookie, and once in a while instead of getting a proper fortune you'll get Moe the Bartender threatening your life. (I include his threats because I always found them very funny.) More Mojo!>>

Tony Robbins "Personal Power" audiotapes

Okay, listen up, people. I am right here right now on Ebay, TOTALLY FREE, gonna tell you the SECRET SHORTCUT to eternal happiness and success and thereby put the entire gazillion-dollar-a-year self-help industry totally out of business.

The secret is (shh! She's about to say it!), THERE IS NO SHORTCUT. The ONLY way you are going to be successful at whatever you attempt (lose weight, make money, be happy) is to Work Really Hard at it, Every Single Day. I can now hear the disappointed groans from thousands of lottery-players and self-help book readers out there, but I'm sorry, there is no way around it: Work Really Hard Every Single Day. More Mojo!>>

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