fourth of july

Auntie Mojo, Times THREE!

Today (Tuesday) I left the house in the morning. Mrs. Yellowthroat wasn't on the nest, so I took a peek, as is my custom. Three eggs.

I came home mid-afternoon. Mrs. Yellowthroat wasn't on the nest, so I took a peek.

Surprise! No eggs! Just three ugly little spudlings!

The picture's a bit blurry 'cuz I had to run and get the camera and snap their portraits before Mrs. Yellowthroat came back. I'm sure she was glaring at me the whole time, anyway. More Mojo!>>

Nest Watch, Day One

So here is the walk leading to my front door, which is actually my back door, since the front of the house actually faces away from the driveway. Right now our walkway is totally overgrown with waist-high day lilies, which haven't bloomed yet.

The Fourth of July weekend was rainy and drab. I had work to do, and my Favorite Husband was sick with a cold. So as luck would have it, the actual Fourth we did not leave the house all day. Which was okay, for it was totally rainy anyway.

I happen to look out the window just in time to see this little bird--I think it was a yellowthroat, or some other warbler type--go jumping into the middle of the day lilies with a sprig of grass in her beak. Which made me go "Hmm." Since a sprig of grass would indicate nest-building, and I figured it was too late to be building nests. So I sat there and waited, and sure enough the bird flitted off and came back in a few minutes with another bit of grass. More Mojo!>>

Mojo Survives....

Yes, Mojo has survived the bacchanal that was her SIX Year Old Friend's birthday party. Things have changed substantially since Mojo was a wee lass. Mojo does not recall ever being the subject of an actual party for starters; perhaps because she was always greedy enough to demand lemon-flavored cake, something that no one else in the family could stand. And she always had lemon cake because she was thereby assured she would be eating the majority of the cake all by herself. And to Mojo, eating cake was more important than maintaining friendships. More Mojo!>>

Antique George/Martha Portraits!


I was shocked--SHOCKED, I tell you!--that these did not sell! These are antique George and Martha Washington plaque-type wall hangings. What, has eBay suddenly been overrun with anti-patriotic scum-sucking Communists who do not want George and Martha hanging on their wall? This cannot be! Mojo refuses to accept that! And while Mojo refuses to accept a great many things labeled "reality" this is one thing she might have some control over. So she is amassing her considerable copywriting talents to get these puppies SOLD! More Mojo!>>

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