Mojo Wishes You a Merry Christmas....

Christmas... a time to forgive

If you've ever wondered how Mojo became the enchanting and bewitching lass that she has become, wonder no more.


The only immediate family member from Mojo's youth to escape this seasonal wrath was her Favorite Younger Sister, who is represented via proxy. That's because Mojo did not have any decent pictures of her handy, and those I found on the internet tended to be crowd shots of her as a single face in a sea of faces. Because that's the sort of questionable life she leads. Not that Mojo judges. Not to her face, anyway. More Mojo!>>

Getting One's Comeuppance

There's been a slew in the news lately of people who are professional trolls, to use the internet parlance--not Mojo, who is merely obnoxious for the fun of it, but people who are actually paid to say and do obnoxious things. These people say terrible terrible things for the attention, and everyone gets all worked up in a tizzy and how-can-they-SAY-that and look-at-me-look-how-offended-I-am-in-public and whatnot. And the professional trolls are laughing all the way to the bank. More Mojo!>>

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