Mojo Versus the Phone Companies

So Mojo has sadly resigned herself to the fact that the Evil V will never, ever EVER give her DSL internet.

Mojo is okay with reality. She doesn't spend too much time moping or wishing things were different or droning endless affirmations reflecting how she would like her life to be under the delusion that doing so will somehow change things. She is happy enough with her MiFi, and for any HUGE uploads she goes visiting other people under the pretense that she likes them, when really she just wants to jump on their wireless to upload another pointless YouTube video. It's what she calls a "social life".

But after hearing a happy tale from a luckier person (who we suspect is just throwing her extreme internet happiness in Mojo's face, but once again whatcha gonna do), she thought she'd see if Evil V's competitor, AT&T, might be willing to supply home phone and internet. So she goes to AT&T's site and plugs in her address to see if any form of high speed internet is available in her area. More Mojo!>>

Mojo's Amazing Shrinking Fireplace Log!

So last weekend I decided to just blow through the rest of the dry firewood and have one last nice fire. We still have maybe half a cord or so, now that the snow is mostly gone, but it's been essentially under water all winter, so it's not gonna burn anytime soon. (I have since brought some of it in anyway, in the foolish, foolish notion that it could conceivably "dry out" in a week, even though I know in my heart of hearts that drying out firewood takes MONTHS. But let's leave Mojo to her delusion and hope there's not a subzero power outage within the next month or so.) More Mojo!>>

IN WHICH Mojo Is Accosted By a Crazy Person.

Yes, I know what you're thinking. Either "so what else is new" or "what, did she go to a family reunion?" No, in this instance I don't mean someone who is irritating or different than Mojo's august self. I mean certifiably loony tunes. I mean, poor delusion person, ya wonder how they survive when they can't perform simple tasks. But they do. More Mojo!>>

Getting One's Comeuppance

There's been a slew in the news lately of people who are professional trolls, to use the internet parlance--not Mojo, who is merely obnoxious for the fun of it, but people who are actually paid to say and do obnoxious things. These people say terrible terrible things for the attention, and everyone gets all worked up in a tizzy and how-can-they-SAY-that and look-at-me-look-how-offended-I-am-in-public and whatnot. And the professional trolls are laughing all the way to the bank. More Mojo!>>

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