Don't Read This If You're Squeamish.

No, really. I don't feel like dealing with the shrieky emails of how I ruined your day or how I traumatized your children. This post is going to be about gross things. It's going to be about how loving, cute widdle fluffy pets are going to do Unkind Things to helpless little creatures. It ended up happening to me TWICE yesterday, so it's on my mind. So I now hereby dump it OUT of my mind, and consequently INTO yours.

I apologize in advance. And break here, so the squeamish will not have to deal with it. More Mojo!>>

Elegant "I Love My Country Home" Pillow!

"I Love My Country Home"
Pillow-Type Decorative Implement

Yep, every once in a while when Mojo feels up to it we dig deep into her sordid past and bring up some item that failed to sell, all because of her utter incompetence as a sales person. Sure, she likes to pretend she's really witty and fun and people will buy stuff just to be entertained, but for many people she just comes across as obnoxious. And while there is something to be said for her "anti-sales" sales pitch, there is also something to be said for Not Being Stupid. More Mojo!>>

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