New Year's Round Up....

Naw, not really. Can't be bothered. Mojo is the gal who is perpetually looking FORWARD in life, not retrospecting.

I just decided to post a link to my latest silly project, which was a commercial for Doritos for their Crash the Super Bowl contest. I assume for some reason I did not win, since they have yet to notify me if I did. But it gave me an excuse to finally learn the animating software I have been planning to learn these past three or four years. The whole thing was shot, animated and edited in about two weeks, with a week or so of conceiving, storyboarding and other preprod things. Plus it was fun to lure squirrels into my life with Doritos. (They LUV them, btw, although I am dead sure they are not good for them to eat in any great quantity....)

Oh, and the new car, since people are asking. It's a 2009 RAV4. Mojo loves her Toyotas, don'tcha know. The color is called "Pyrite Mica", although I have no idea why. It's a dark gold/light brown metallic looking dealie. One of those love-at-first-sight things for my Favorite Husband, although he will passionately deny it. I could take or leave the color, but it's his car, and it's a good, serviceable car. My Favorite Husband DID spring for the heated leather seats, however, as an add-on. I promise to tease him mercilessly for this extravagance, although I'm ultimately the one who told him he should get it. I said my Favorite Father once told me, one of his Life Lessons to impart was "Get whatever you want on the car when you buy a car." And my Favorite Father is ALWAYS RIGHT. Sort of like Mojo.



The tragedy is, all this talk of economic meltdown and crisis on Wall Street and bailouts and whatnot will probably blip this RIGHT OFF THE RADAR. And yet Mojo must INFORM her constituents, so that they might become BETTER PEOPLE who will do the RIGHT THING should the time come when things need to be done.

Okay, deep breath, people.

I have just been informed by the person who does events for the library that THIS WEEK is, in fact,

Squirrel Awareness Week


Mojo does not lie, no, not ever, and she does not lie about this. So I ask you, heart to heart: are you as fully aware of squirrels as you SHOULD be?

If not, get thee to a lieberry so you can become more aware of our fluffy-tailed little nemesises. (Nemisi? Nem-- ...Let's just go with "enemies".)

Take it from Mojo, I was only HALF the person I now am now that I have been made aware of squirrels. My life is more Fulfilled and Complete. And my breath is extra-minty. All because of Squirrel Awareness.

If anyone wishes to add their own testimonials in the comments section, feel free.

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Where Have All the Young Squirrels Gone?

It's Wildlife Week here on the Craptacular, mostly because there has been such a rash of sightings and encounters Mojo can scarcely leave her house without shooing away a variety of beasties and whatnot. Which she finds to be one of the may pleasures of life in the sticks. Others are not so happy with, say, her resident garter snakes or the simple fact that her mowing the lawn each week calls up whole herds of frogs and toads hopping ahead of the mower like a plague. More Mojo!>>

A Very Large Calling Card.

A couple of years ago--the same day the pope died!--our dog George, after fifteen years of keeping the house safe from squirrels, had to be put down. We still miss ol' George. He was one of those magical smart dogs, even if he wasn't very efficient squirrel-wise. More Mojo!>>

Mojo the Savior

So I'm driving along a back road I frequent (the one where some unfortunate resident has decided to publicly declare war on squirrels and has wrapped all his trees with giant sheets of corrugated tin)(and don't tell him but I'm pretty sure the squirrels are winning) when I noticed one of the horses was loose and wandering around the road near a barn and field where there are a good many horses in the field. So I stop the car.

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