Mojo's Fevered Imagination

So Dog Toyevery now and then, the dog drops one of her many toys on the floor. Some of them are cat-shaped. Indeed, they have caused me a couple of heart attacks through the years, as the dog--who, historically, has proved utterly harmless and kind to other creatures, but, ummm, she's a DOG and hence you never know when instinct might accidentally grab ahold--will chase the cat in the circuit around the kitchen and living room. The cat will tear off in an overwrought state of hysterical fear, chased by the dog in an overwrought state of predatory viciousness. All in good fun, of course. Except I can't COUNT the number of times they'll rip away in one direction, I'll hear their frantic scurrying in the other room, and then the dog appears rounding the circuit ALONE, gripping this cat-shaped, cat-sized THING in her jaws. It's just the dog trying unsuccessfully to lure the cat to play with one of her toys, but I always have that split second stab of oh-dear-lord-the-dog-has-killed-the-cat. More Mojo!>>

More From Mojo's Sordid Past

Red WolvesJust when you thought Mojo couldn't POSSIBLY get ANY cooler (uhhhh, you WERE thinking that just now, weren't you?), Mojo has gone back to her private vault of experiences to bring you her tenure at what used to be "The Wolf Sanctuary", more formally known as the Wild Canid Survival and Research Center at Wash U's Tyson Research Center in Eureka, MO. Being the charming lass she is, Mojo got permission from various Authority Figures (heh heh--suckers) and spent many an hour communing with wolves, well before it became oh-so-super-trendy to do so. (And eventually Mojo accepted the simple fact that the wolves, as noble wild creatures of intelligence and discernment, have no particular desire to commune with HER. Which is a lesson many a nature-lover has yet to learn, it sometimes seems.)

(The WCSRC has since changed its name to the Endangered Wolf Center; you can see what they're up to (and, hint hint, donate!) at http://www.endangeredwolfcenter.org.) More Mojo!>>

A Stroll Down Stupidity Lane

As staggering as it might sound to those of you who have come to regard Mojo in an almost goddesslike fashion, I must admit she was not always the Paragon of Intelligence she clearly is now. No, for some reason this past weekend Mojo and her Favorite Husband got into swapping Stupid Things I Did As A Kid stories, and left us both idly wondering how we survived childhood. More Mojo!>>

You Know You're a Pathetic Fangirl When....

Yeah, ordinarily Mojo is too thoughtful and reserved to really go "oooh oooh oooh!" over anyone or anything. And I really don't get the general fascination with what we shall call Celebrity. Not that it's not sadly amusing when public people get into public trouble. But for the most part, if it doesn't make the headline news, celebrity gossip is something I can always live without. More Mojo!>>

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