They're Starting Earlier and Earlier....

As regular Craptacular readers know, Mojo often hangs out with five-year-olds, probably because older sorts are too smart to put up with her. Consequently Mojo has gained insight into the human five-year-old mind.


And yet there are times when the little ones defy even Mojo's staggering intellect. For example, one five-year-old friend created his very own book, entitled "How the T-Rex Broke His Tooth". He's really into dinosaurs, this one. It is a fascinating book. I laughed, I cried, I made an appointment to see the dentist. More Mojo!>>

Mom's (Almost) Naked Cat Parade!

Mom's Stuffed Cats!

Okay, so Mojo is going to try to make this brief since it'll be the last Craptacular auction until she gets back from vacation. So if this is somewhat slap-dash, it's because Mojo doesn't really care. Mentally she is already swinging in a hammock somewhere. Of course there are those who argue that mentally she is always somewhere else anyway, somewhere that doesn't require intellect beyond tying one's shoes (and even then it's the cheater's way that Mojo learned, by making two loops and tying them together instead of making the one loop and wrapping things around somehow. Mojo never learned how to do it THAT way). More Mojo!>>

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