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IN WHICH Mojo Gets Her Virtual Knickers in a Twist: the Prelude

a.k.a. Mojo Gets DMCA'd By a Heartless Soulless Media Giant and Learns Valuable Life Lessons About How We're All Human Beings 'n' Stuff.

You might not know it from her carefully crafted online persona, but in Real Life Mojo rather enjoys obscurity. She is not one of those pathetic attention whores who will wave at passing cameras and eat live bugs and document the nasty bathroom corners in her life in the feeble hope that people might like her. No, she avoids cameras like the plague. For the most part Mojo just wants to be left alone.

My other three siblings are all social butterflies, bless 'em, always out gallivanting with their friends, while Mojo chose long ago (indeed it's been one of several of Mojo's charmed life-long dreams come true) to move far away from polite society and pretty much live by herself in the woods. Okay, so the Favorite Husband came along, too, and he can be as annoyingly social as the sibs. Which is good for Mojo. But the simple fact is, Mojo lacks Certain Social Instincts: she rarely calls people, or invites them to lunch, or has much to do with them unless there is an obvious technical need to do so.

While she has never undergone any official diagnosis, a fairly recent brush with certain members of the Aspergers community has led Mojo to suspect she might have a touch of it, as well. She has always been somewhat faceblind, which does not help you socially when you talk to someone for an hour, they leave and come back in five minutes only to have an utterly blank Mojo ask, "Can I help you?" There's a lot more there than just that: social indifference, the ability to concentrate on one thing to the exclusion of everything else around, a certain obsessive need to be precise and correct about various topics, and the occasional ... um, let's call it RAGE ... when someone inadvertently transgresses the Unwritten Law. (Which can change on a dime. That's the beauty of being unwritten.) More Mojo!>>

More From Mojo's Sordid Past

Red WolvesJust when you thought Mojo couldn't POSSIBLY get ANY cooler (uhhhh, you WERE thinking that just now, weren't you?), Mojo has gone back to her private vault of experiences to bring you her tenure at what used to be "The Wolf Sanctuary", more formally known as the Wild Canid Survival and Research Center at Wash U's Tyson Research Center in Eureka, MO. Being the charming lass she is, Mojo got permission from various Authority Figures (heh heh--suckers) and spent many an hour communing with wolves, well before it became oh-so-super-trendy to do so. (And eventually Mojo accepted the simple fact that the wolves, as noble wild creatures of intelligence and discernment, have no particular desire to commune with HER. Which is a lesson many a nature-lover has yet to learn, it sometimes seems.)

(The WCSRC has since changed its name to the Endangered Wolf Center; you can see what they're up to (and, hint hint, donate!) at More Mojo!>>

Mojo's Weekend of Rest and Recreation....

Or, rather, Mojo's single day thereof, since Sunday is the only day Mojo has off. The rest of the time she is slaving away. People might feel bad for her and think, geez, how can she stand the hours? But the simple fact is, Mojo rather likes what she does (yeah, right, like she KNOWS exactly what she does) and what other people might find slavedriving work Mojo thinks of it as frolicking. More Mojo!>>

I Finally Did It.

What, you ask breathlessly? Or, rather, "What?" you ask breathlessly. Usually Mojo agrees that adverbs are expendable, but clearly in this case I simply HAVE to convey--despite the simple fact that words cannot adequately express the GROWING EXCITEMENT you are no doubt feeling--the rising tide of expectation and longing sweeping the country as the Craptacular inches closer and closer to once again becoming a reality. More Mojo!>>

Psycho Crazy People

It's been raining so much this summer it's been impossible to mow the lawn. Not that I'm complaining, but Mojo has to complain.

Which reminds me--Mojo happens to know someone in a vague social sort of way who is TOTALLY PSYCHO about their car. Which probably explains why, even though they are young and hip and full of beans, there is no Significant Other in their lives. Or, rather, there IS a Significant Other in their lives, but that SO requires a key and gasoline to function, and the only real date you could take it on would be a drive-in movie. More Mojo!>>

Mojo's Awesome New Phone!

As much as Mojo dearly loves to complain, the simple fact is, she leads a charmed life. So much so that every two years or so Verizon offers her a new phone. So Mojo succumbed to spiffy advertising and her pathetic desire to look cool and hip, and bought a brand new Chocolate. A blue one. I think they called it "Blue Mint" or some such car-color name. Who cares. More Mojo!>>

What I Wuz Gonna Blog....

Before Mojo got distracted by something shiny, she was going to mention something that, now in retrospect, is even more boring than usual.

As I have said many times previously, Ratty Cat is not allowed in the bedroom at night, because he comes and goes two or three times a night and each time he announces his arrival and departure with his yowling. The decision to banish him is entirely that of my Favorite Husband. Far be it for Mojo to punish a fellow complainer. Whenever *I* hear the stupid cat, being the tolerant, saint-like person that I am, I just roll over and go back to sleep. For me, I have accepted the simple fact that Ratty is a yowly cat, and that's the end of it.

Not the Favorite Husband, however. More Mojo!>>

Mojo's Eggstravaganza!

So Mojo's been thinking lately of building a coop and getting chickens again. She's been thinking about it since she moved up here, so it's really been almost ten years of thinking about it, which means, in Mojo's world, it's almost time to maybe do something about it. More Mojo!>>

Crisis Averted!

So yesterday morning after her morning blog our beloved Mojo is relaxing in the bathtub, letting Calgon take her away, or however the commercial used to go, only it wasn't Calgon, but instead some generic liquid soap, but once again I digress....the point being, I am sinking into my nice hot bath and relaxing before starting my oh-so-important day, and a movement catches the corner of my eye. More Mojo!>>


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