The Friend-of-a-Friend Bear Story.

Okay, I promised you people the Bear Story. I cannot vouch for its total veracity. All I can say is, when I first started at the library--meaning, literally, the first week or two--I did not know any of the regulars nor any of the people who would meet for various purposes, like the book club or the garden club. Also, I started working in the library fresh from having a juvenile black bear frequent our yard a couple of days in a row, necessitating the purchase of an air horn in case the fellow came back. More Mojo!>>

Mom's (Almost) Naked Cat Parade!

Mom's Stuffed Cats!

Okay, so Mojo is going to try to make this brief since it'll be the last Craptacular auction until she gets back from vacation. So if this is somewhat slap-dash, it's because Mojo doesn't really care. Mentally she is already swinging in a hammock somewhere. Of course there are those who argue that mentally she is always somewhere else anyway, somewhere that doesn't require intellect beyond tying one's shoes (and even then it's the cheater's way that Mojo learned, by making two loops and tying them together instead of making the one loop and wrapping things around somehow. Mojo never learned how to do it THAT way). More Mojo!>>

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