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Man, Oh Man...

The esteemed Miss Snark, the Literary Agent shut down her blog a few weeks ago, after a couple of years of operation. Mojo guessed it was inevitable given her own experience with online writing communities. For no matter how much information is out there, there will always be those newbie idiots (no, they are not idiots because they are newbies, Mojo explains with a sigh for the umpteenth time. They were idiots to begin with. More Mojo!>>

Mojo's Back!

The original picture of the Shick Intuition Razor.

Mojo's Back!

Yes, after a much-too-long hiatus, due to an unfortunate freak accident and resultant long-term injury, stress and even more laziness than usual, Mojo has returned to bother the good people of eBay! I will not go into my usual complaints about said injury--my nearly daily whinings are all archived on my blog if you want to feel better about your own life--but the past four months are forever suffused in the glow of prescription painkillers and twice-daily dressings performed by Mojo's patient and long-suffering Favorite Husband. And thanks in part to his skillful nursing (as well as Mojo's determination to continue being obnoxious in this world), Mojo is back and better than ever, so long as you consider a totally-cool scar to somehow make her "better". More Mojo!>>

A Matter of Perspective.

As Mojo might have mentioned once or twice in this blog, she was rather severely injured and now has this totally cool scar running down the back of her arm and shoulder blade. It still looks pretty nasty, and Mojo has no idea how it will ultimately look. More Mojo!>>

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