three months

Footloose and Bandage-Free!

As of Friday I have lived life sans bandages for the first time in nearly three months. If it is anything like my back there will be a week or two of irritation as the area adjusts to being rubbed by clothes again. But maybe not, since the bandages have been slipping and getting hiked up nonstop for the past two weeks or so. It's been worse than pantyhose.

It still looks like it could frighten small children. My Favorite Husband wants to take me to the "Y" to sit in the jaccuzzi, partially because he knows I like jaccuzzis but I suspect also just to see if I will go out in public with it. I don't mind "showing it off" or being seen with it, but I probably won't since it still looks suspiciously like an open wound (all red and bloody) and people at the Y might not like sharing the water with it for fear of catching my (nonexistent) polliwogs. Over and above my existing polliwogs. More Mojo!>>

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