last time

Yes, Mojo's Been Remiss...

My stammery excuse *this* time is threefold. First, because, well, Mojo's lazy. Everyone should know that by now. Second, I've been working my tail off trying to get something up and running by the end of the month. And thirdly, well, perhaps I am still recovering from my Weekend of Awesome--or, rather, my Last Friday of Awesome--going ZIPLINING. More Mojo!>>

Last Update Ever!

...Or at least so I hope.

I was rather thinking the last update would be the last one, but since I went to the doctor's for the VERY LAST TIME last Friday I figured I should have one more, at least to announce that last Friday I went to the doctor's for the VERY LAST TIME. At least that is my assumption.

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Antique Washer-Wringer Contraption!

So I had lunch with my Favorite Parents today. My Favorite Mother pretends to be mildly interested in my "online shenanigans", but mostly she is concerned I will either Cause Shame to the Family (too late for that, Mom!) or "Wind Up In Some Sort Of Legal Trouble Like Last Time". More Mojo!>>

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