Passed Crap

LOVELY Dreamy Candle Carousel!

Mojo is always woman enough to admit it when she is wrong. Especially when being wrong so obviously cost her another lucrative sale on eBay. I mean, it's one thing to be wrong when human lives are at stake and civilization hangs in the balance. But when it costs Mojo money it is time for action. Time to admit my mistakes and move on and grow as a human being.

Take this item. (No! I will not add the cheesy Henny Youngman "please"! Mojo has her pride! Her dignity! You cannot make her revert to bad vaudeville routines!) You remember this. It's Mojo's "candle carousel". You light the candles, and the heat makes the carousel part spin and the light from the candles projects little shapes and colors on the walls of the room.

Set of 4 Desert Rose Dinner Plates!

What's a Table Setting Without ... Plates?


Answer: A bunch of people eating off of your good tablecloth, that's what! And if you like to do laundry as much as I do, you will probably want to invest in some plates to keep the swine you call friends and business associates from completely destroying your house. Or at least your dining room table.


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