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Mojo's Back!

The original picture of the Shick Intuition Razor.

Mojo's Back!

Yes, after a much-too-long hiatus, due to an unfortunate freak accident and resultant long-term injury, stress and even more laziness than usual, Mojo has returned to bother the good people of eBay! I will not go into my usual complaints about said injury--my nearly daily whinings are all archived on my blog if you want to feel better about your own life--but the past four months are forever suffused in the glow of prescription painkillers and twice-daily dressings performed by Mojo's patient and long-suffering Favorite Husband. And thanks in part to his skillful nursing (as well as Mojo's determination to continue being obnoxious in this world), Mojo is back and better than ever, so long as you consider a totally-cool scar to somehow make her "better". More Mojo!>>

Why You Should ALWAYS Pay for eBay Items Through eBay....

So, your beloved Mojo last Friday morning decides, all lah-dee-dah, to log into her eBay account. Actually, I guess I did because I received one too many obvious spam emails claiming to be from eBay talking about a bunch of Gucci bags I was selling. I didn't pay much attention to them because all the item numbers were different, so I figured they were just randomly generated.

But one was a question from an eBayer, and on a whim I opened it. I expected the usual spam phishing scam of "pay me for the item you bought or I'll report you--click on the link below!" But instead, someone was asking me what my shipping policies were. So I decided to log in to see what's up. More Mojo!>>

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