Mojo's Obsession

Well, one of 'em, anyway.

It's my arm. Yes, the hurt one. I stopped whining about it so much, because it's tiresome and doesn't accomplish anything and people have taken to looking at the ceiling when Mojo enters the room. More so than usual. So I have taken the hint.

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A Matter of Perspective.

As Mojo might have mentioned once or twice in this blog, she was rather severely injured and now has this totally cool scar running down the back of her arm and shoulder blade. It still looks pretty nasty, and Mojo has no idea how it will ultimately look. More Mojo!>>

Weekly Update Number 8

My arm officially closed up this weekend. Still looks all skinned and nasty, but it is no longer weepy. GIANT milestone. And to think, it's only been two months!

So now the only thing left is to see how badly it will ultimately scar. And that won't be determined for another year or two, according to what I've read. So I guess it's pointless to continue updating, since now hopefully nothing will happen except gradual improvement.

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Weekly Update Number 7

So I went to the doctor's again on Friday. Doing VERY WELL, thanks mostly to my Favorite Husband's obsessively thorough care. My arm hardly leaks goo at all anymore, except for one little spot. I suspect that will clear up in a week or two. More Mojo!>>

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