Wildlife Week, Part THREE!

Watch as Mojo's Dramatic Description Skills turn an average encounter into another Wilderness Saga!

Once again it started innocently enough. Mojo happened to glance out her window and see her back yard was, yet again, FILLED WITH WILD BEASTS. And once again Mojo got her trusty camera out to DOCUMENT the DRAMA. More Mojo!>>

Happy Birthday, FOS!

Yes, it's the Favorite Older Sister's birthday today, or as we call it, her dirfday. It's a long story and particularly humiliating for Mojo, so she will not go into it.

But it's funny--I don't know why I thought of this, but I did so now the Favorite Older Sister will be just agog wondering how my brain put the two together, but here goes anyway. I was reminiscing about my many many years on the various incarnations of the internet--since 1988 or so--and back during the Usenet newsgroups heyday one group I used to just LOVE to read their faq was a group called alt.folklore.urban. They were a group of hardy souls who would try to research urban legends to see which were true and which weren't. Their faq was basically a list of every possible urban legend and the results of their research about that particular story. More Mojo!>>

Mom's SHEEP Collection, Volume 4!

Mojo's Favorite Mother's Sheep Collection, Volume 4

Puffy Fabric Sheep!


Mojo's Favorite Mother also used to collect sheep. Not anymore. At least, this is what I gather, since she has given me a huge box full of things she once collected and now wants to get rid of. When I ask her why all she says is "I'm throwing things away." Mojo likes to think that it is her own influence, simplifying her life through the Craptacular, now rubbing off on her loved ones. But there is also the nagging suspicion that her Favorite Mother has just found an excuse to send her boxes of crap. Which is it? Only time--or an irate phone call from her mother yelling at Mojo for something she said about her on the Craptacular--will tell. More Mojo!>>

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