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Life in the Sticks, Episode 4238....

So Mojo was late for an appointment (not REALLY late, but Mojo Late, which means she might get there only TEN MINUTES EARLY instead of her usual fifteen or so) so she jumps in the car and heads down the mountain to civilization.

One of the many things about living far, far away from other people is, if you are late to go ANYWHERE, you have the added burden of an additional half hour tacked onto your time, which can work FOR or AGAINST you. If the roads are clear of other pesky drivers you can make up the odd five minutes or so by screeching around the mountain passes like Mario Andretti. But if you get behind a school bus or a turtle, it will easily add another fifteen or twenty minutes to your commute. There is NO PLACE TO PASS, even if the other driver is aware of you and trying to pull over to be nice.

So anyway, I have this appointment to get my Favorite Husband's car serviced, and running just a hair late, so I jump in said car and screech out of the driveway. And a quarter of a mile into the trip I come to a screeching halt as a family of woodcocks are occupying the street, perhaps in protest of Mojo's screeching around in her car. (Note to Mojo's Favorite Mother: No, she is NOT actually screeching. She is Exaggerating for Comic Effect.)


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Better Late Than Never? NO NO NO

I encountered two mutations of the same creature the other day, in quick succession, which temporarily suspended my conviction that Mojo does indeed lead a Charmed Life. While I was able to escape both without succumbing to my instinct to suddenly shriek "WILL you PLEASE just SHUT UP already!" there were times I was right on the edge. More Mojo!>>

Why Is It....

Mojo quite recently--maybe a month ago--decided to stop being such a layabout and vowed to join the YMCA her Favorite Husband occasionally frequents to get herself back into shape. Not that she is so desperately OUT of shape, mind you, for Mojo is indeed the goddess she thinks she is, but just to hold fast to goddesshood and not let too much ice cream control all other aspects of her life. More Mojo!>>

Unintentionally Funny

Yesterday I saw an amusing old chestnut I have not seen in a few years on the back of a car. For a brief while I was seeing these all over the place, but I suspect the unintentional humor was not lost on other reasonably intelligent beings, and the practice of plastering one's bumper with such nonsense eventually died out. More Mojo!>>

Just Ignore This Post--She's Ranting Again.

AGES ago, and I mean AGES, like ten years, at least, I was sitting in the pharmacy of what was my HMO then, waiting for a prescription. Like many HMOs they had a built in pharmacy one could use, but it DID mean you had to sit and wait while they thought about filling your prescription. And then when they finally DID, for some reason they were very VERY careful to open the box, take out the directions, and rip off the section that warned you of side effects and nastiness and ONLY give you a tiny little slip that pretty much just said to take it as the doctor told you and smile. More Mojo!>>

More on the Crappy Movie--or, How Mojo Can't Let Things Drop and Die A Natural Death

Okay, purely "crappy" is too strong of a word. I've seen far worse in my time. I guess I was so annoyed at being led so totally astray by the Amazon reviews I went back and read them more carefully. I always read Amazon reviews starting with the worst and heading toward the higher ratings, since I find people's complaints more interesting and thoughtful than THIS IS THE BESTEST MOVIE EVER!!!!! repeated in its various incarnations.

Nothing new there. I still don't understand how so many people rated it so highly, but a couple did clue me into the fact that the film in question--The Descent--was released in the UK last year and is already out on DVD over there. That, and--I find this fascinating, which yet again demonstrates how dull my life is--when they released it here in the US they decided to change the ending and cut a full minute off of it. More Mojo!>>

Winter Weasel

Ratty cat likes to run out on the porch whenever I open the door. Problem is it's cold out there, and I can't keep the door open. If he doesn't come when he's called, I sometimes shut the door and leave him out there in the foolish belief that I'm somehow teaching him a lesson. (Yeah, I've owned cats my whole life; I KNOW you can't teach them a lesson, but I refuse to accept that for some reason.) More Mojo!>>

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