Bob and Ray Appreciation Week, Part 5

One last laugh....

If you are foolish enough NOT to click on any of the links this week, at the very LEAST you HAVE to click on this one. Bob and Ray showing their willingness to appeal to the younger generation. This was from a SNL special they did with the women of SNL--Jane, Laraine and Gilda. It was a pretty hit-or-miss affair, but they did bring up some classic routines, like the Spelling Bee and the Lucky Phone Call. But this clip, while a more recent offering (and featuring disco music to boot, which Mojo simply cannot stand) really tells you what Bob and Ray are all about. More Mojo!>>

Vintage Sports illustrated 3/21/55!

Mojo's Favorite Mother's Vintage Sports Illustrated Magazine

Okay. No recounting of all of the childhood traumas Mojo is now re-experiencing will be complete without her Favorite Mother recounting the dating scene she enjoyed in college. Mom was a professor's brat at Penn State (although I will probably catch some major grief calling her a "brat") and either as such or in spite of such had an active social life. Active by Mojo's standards, anyway. Mojo, of course by contrast is something of a misanthrope and would rather sit and stare at the wall all evening than attend a sorority dance, but it just goes to show. What it shows, I'm not quite sure, but there ya go. I guess it means not only did the apple fall far from the tree but someone picked up that poor apple that never hurt anyone and flung it, and then it was trampled by pigs and left to rot in the mud. Anyway, for whatever reason, Mojo's Favorite Mother is what Mojo would call "Socie", which is not meant to be the slur it sometimes is but just in the social sense. Whereas Mojo has to be dragged kicking and screaming to certain events and really enjoys being left alone until she happens to get lonely and then she wonders why no one ever calls or writes unless they want something. And of COURSE Mojo upped and married a social butterfly thereby assuring she will never enjoy being alone, never again, and has since learned to communicate with humans through a series of grunts and hand gestures. More Mojo!>>

Mom's SHEEP Collection, Volume 2!

Mojo's Favorite Mother's Sheep Collection, Volume 2

Adorable Little Stuffed Sheep!


Mojo's Favorite Mother also used to collect sheep. Not anymore. At least, this is what I gather, since she has given me a huge box full of things she once collected and now wants to get rid of. When I ask her why all she says is "I'm throwing things away." Mojo likes to think that it is her own influence, simplifying her life through the Craptacular, now rubbing off on her loved ones. But there is also the nagging suspicion that her Favorite Mother has just found an excuse to send her boxes of crap. Which is it? Only time--or an irate phone call from her mother yelling at Mojo for something she said about her on the Craptacular--will tell. More Mojo!>>

Now *THIS* is funny!

A newsgroup I lurk in was recently accosted with the "Paypal scheme" make-money-fast email scam. Apparently it's been around for a while, but this happened to be the first I'd heard of it, at least as I remember. Truth is, I disregard such things so much I could have skimmed it a thousand times and not really paid attention to it before now.

The message itself is the typical scam, screaming headlines and wild promises. But my favorite part is, they claim that Paypal itself sez their scam is totally legit, and has even written them a letter of recommendation they include in their message. Here is that letter, which the shysters claim comes from Paypal itself: More Mojo!>>

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