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IN WHICH Mojo Writes a Brief Letter to Her Younger Self

Dear Baby Mojo,

I hope you're enjoying your relatively idyllic, privileged and carefree childhood. You might be pleased to note that your adult version is likewise reasonably happy with how things turned out. Like that guy you'll meet when you're eighteen? The one where it was raining out and he looked like a drowned rat? Yeah, him. Turns out your stupid little moony infatuation was right: he's a really good guy, with the added bonus of getting even better as time goes on. More Mojo!>>

Human Frailities

Yes, Mojo KNOWS "frailties" is mispelled in the headline. She did it on PERPUSS.

She WAS going to blog about the Infamous Hooters Story, I'll have you know. So many people have requested it I fear it will be a total let-down once I get around to it. Which was GOING to be today, if I may be redundant and repeat myself. But now it's not. More Mojo!>>

Mojo's Eggstravaganza!

So Mojo's been thinking lately of building a coop and getting chickens again. She's been thinking about it since she moved up here, so it's really been almost ten years of thinking about it, which means, in Mojo's world, it's almost time to maybe do something about it. More Mojo!>>

Sequels to Sequels

I was at the movie theaters this weekend, which like most movie theaters are set up with these corridors coming off a central hub that contains all the snack and food areas. (For unlike when Mojo was a wee lass, instead of just candy and snacks nowadays one can buy full meals at the movie theater, so long as you consider hot dogs and/or pizza to be a "full meal". You can also buy them at gas stations. Meaning a full meal. More Mojo!>>

Mojo's Exciting Weekend!

Sunday was my Favorite Brother's birthday. He spent it at the beach. I spent it commencing my yearly firewood drive. Most of the morning I ranged around the woods near the house cutting up fallen trees and limbs with the chainsaw, and wheeling them to the shed in the garden cart. And then the afternoon reacquainting myself with Mister Maul. It was pleasantly mindless work.

And then this evening my Favorite Husband decided to see a movie, which we hardly ever do at night since we get up at 4:30 in the morning. (Okay, so HE gets up, and I lay about in bed like a slug until five.) We check the movie times and reviews on Amazon and this movie neither one of us ever heard of, called The Descent, was the highest rated of the bunch. So we go see it. More Mojo!>>

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