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Monday Morning KITTENS, Because Mojo Cares About You

If you're the sort who groans because it's Monday morning (Mojo rarely does, by the way; despite her online whining she's actually a fairly chipper lass who enjoys and appreciates her life, especially when contrasted with some of the awful, awful suckfests out there masquerading as existence), then what better waste of time this morning than watching kittens playing?


So I usually see three or four bears every summer, and it's been slightly bothering me that thus far I haven't seen a single one. Especially since the Favorite Husband has apparently seen, like, a GAZILLION so far. His latest being last week when he was out trying to hike just before a bad thunderstorm. He stopped on the trail and was looking up at the ominous sky and a rumble of thunder--in a rare instance of insight he was actually thinking of GOING BACK TO THE CAR, which would have been an astonishment of nations--when a bear came out of the woods onto the trail about fifty feet away. And this bear, likewise, had stopped and was looking up at the dark clouds and the thunder and was heartily wishing he was somewhere else at the moment, and temporarily unaware of the puny human creature just down the trail from where he stopped.

As If You Didn't Think Mojo Was Awesome ENOUGH....

So lately Mojo has been reading and enjoying rage comics. They tend to be somewhat polarizing; some people like them, and some just can't STAND them. I was inspired for a couple of reasons: first, while you can draw your own, there is a growing library of faces and props that make the whole process fairly quick and painless. These things are so POORLY drawn--kinda on purpose--that they are a main source of irritation for the people who do not like such comics.

On the other hand, getting real emotion out of stick figures is quite an accomplishment, and the faces that have survived the process have really evolved to the point where you don't really have to say anything, you just put the face in the panel and everyone knows what you mean.

Yet ANOTHER Penguin....

Wood duck penguinSo one of Mojo's historically favorite birds has been the glamorous and colorful wood duck. I can't say why, except as an impressionable wee lass I was taken in by the oily iridescence of the males, and never quite got over it. Plus they nest in holes in the trees, way high up, and of COURSE baby ducks are the CUTEST THINGS IMAGINABLE, and these baby ducks climb their way out the opening of their nest and just JUMP.

It's pretty common in nature shows to show these poor tiny things leap into the abyss. They are usually all right, we are told: they are just these tiny balls of fluff, see, and they float like fluff down to the ground. Still, I don't much care for it, but nobody consulted me.

IN WHICH Mojo Makes Her First Rage Comic

Yes, even a pathetic old fuddy-duddy like Mojo can express herself the way the kids on the internet do, thereby pretending she is hip when in reality she's a couple of years behind the pack. But thanks to Dan Awesome's RageMaker, even someone as clueless as Mojo can make a rage comic! Before long I expect my Favorite Mother to join the trend!


Mojo's Rage Comic



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