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Squeaky Ball, the Movie.

No, this is NOT the Beaver Lodge Tape. This is something I found in my files while looking for the Beaver Lodge Tape. If you are waiting breathlessly for the BLT it WILL be coming--just hold onto your hats for a bit.

In the meantime....

For those interested in the lavish and exciting lifestyle Mojo leads, I offer you this glimpse into just how thrilling Mojo's life in the sticks can be, especially if you are snowbound, and have nothing to keep you company during the day except a video camera, a tripod, and a dog totally obsessed with his Squeaky Ball. I made this little film a few years ago, at first just to document the strange case of George and Squeaky Ball, but as we shot a plot spontaneously developed and it all transmogrified into "Squeaky Ball, the Movie".

One of those Odd Things That Happen...

So yesterday afternoon I'm running errands. I'm rushing home to beat the thunder storms that are building, and so I can get to work at the library. I went to a warehouse store, one of those membership dealies that don't give you shopping bags, so the back of my car is filled with random stuff.

I get home, and the dog and cat are both cavorting around my feet as I unlock the back of the car and load myself with industrial-sized shampoo bottles and whatnot. As I fumble with the keys and the door I hear something like a large moth hit the screen on the window just to my left. My peripheral vision picks up that it's much bigger than a moth. It's a warbler-type bird.

Happy Animals Instead of Sad Ones.

When I was a kid I used to follow the Triple Crown races. I could quote the Derby winners almost from the race's inception. That all changed when the filly Ruffian broke down during a match race and had to be put down. I really lost interest in racing after that. So nowadays I'm not even all that aware that the Triple Crown races are being run unless they make the news. And unfortunately this weekend's race made the news.

So rather than talk of that, let's focus on my own critters. Rosie, the dog, and Ratty, the cat. People are not sure what to make of this picture. As much as I tell them Ratty is enjoying the attention no matter how much Rosie torments him people don't believe me. Ratty ADORES dogs. He tormented our last dog, George, for the last two years or so of his life (by tormented I mean he kept licking George and rubbing against him, much to George's distaste) and wandered the house yowling like a lost soul for months after he died. One of our reasons for getting another dog was in part to shut up the cat.

From Wolves to Sheep.....

Yep, it's the full spectrum of life here on the Craptacular! If you missed the wolves, they're here. And now for a swing in the opposite direction. The Sheep Expert has needed to rearrange work twice in two weeks using the feeble excuse that her ewes were lambing. So to check up on the story we went this weekend to see the little tykes....

Wolf Video Clips

Since many people have asked to see more, here are some old (twenty-plus years!) video clips from my time at the Wild Canid Survival and Research Center in Eureka, MO (aka The Wolf Sanctuary). I have not been back since I graduated college and moved back east, so I'm not so up to snuff on the WCSRC's goings-on right now, but I understand they remain one of the premier wolf conservation, education and reproduction centers in the country.

Poor Rosie!

Our poor dawg met Mister Porcupine today for the first time. One of my complaints about Ratty cat is that he is WAY too forgiving with the dog. At times Rosie could really use a good swat on the nose with a couple of claws in the mix, but Ratty just doesn't have it in him. Not even with mice anymore; early on when he still thought he was a stray he was an excellent mouser, but now the ones he brings in the house may be psychologically traumatized, but there is rarely a scratch on them when he lets them go in our beds at two in the morning.

So we had to spend about an hour this morning acquainting Rosie with another new friend, who we call Mister Needle-nosed Pliers.


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