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So, Ummmm.... This Happened...

It actually happened over a year ago, but we all know how Mojo likes to ponder and contemplate Meaning and Significance before releasing her carefully-considered thoughts to the universe. She thinks it makes her look way smarter than she actually is. Plus to be honest she’s just a lazy brute who doesn’t actually WORK at anything unless her hand is forced by the prospect of something even MORE boring.

So you could blame Mojo for this obnoxious foray into an animated rage comic complete with idiotic song.... or you could blame a year’s worth of rainy days that kept Mojo from skipping about outside, which she would much rather do than stay cooped up all day moving pictures around and dwelling on some of the, uh, interesting people she has encountered in life. Such as....Creepy Toll Booth Guy.


For those who may suspect Mojo is exaggerating a bit, as is her occasional wont for comic effect, I’m pretty sure my Favorite Older Sister, who was the driver and hence an even closer observer to this incident than Mojo, will testify in a court of law that this did in fact happen, in every grisly detail.

'Tis the Season...



The bluets are out in full force right now. Any lawn worth its salt has big clumps of them, mixed in with dandelions and violets.

When I was a wee lass, coming home from school one day, I picked a bunch of them--probably off of someone's lawn, although back then we DID have large abandoned fields to walk through, as well--and presented them to my Favorite Mother. She made a BIG FUSS over my thoughtfulness and put the poor wilted things in her special purple glass vase in the center of the table. And she assured me that bluets were her most FAVORITE FLOWER EVAAR.

I have no idea if she was just Lying To a Child To Shut Her Up or what, but to this day every time I see bluets my very first thought is "Bluets! They're my mother's FAVORITE FLOWER."

Just another glimpse into the twisted brilliance that is Mojo's brain.



Deathbed Wisdom

Mojo is occasionally active on Facebook--unlike the rest of the world--and it is not uncommon for well-meaning people to offer (or at least propagate) Inspirational Quotes and Lists to Help Guide Us on the Journey. Some of them are thoughtful and pregnant with meaning, while some are merely annoying to Mojo, such as when someone attributes something like "OMG just LOOK at that SUNSET!!! It, like, makes me feel all PEACEFUL AND STUFF!" to Thoreau, who most certainly did not write that way.

Another Public Service Thanks to Your Awesome Internet Chum Mojo

What's that, you say, young Mojo fan? Your horrifically cruel English teacher is making you read Steinbeck? Yeah, he's a light-hearted load of laffs, that one! Just GREAT to read when you're an angst-ridden teen wondering if life is indeed worth living. (Spoiler alert: It generally IS, although there WILL be some sucky spots.)

To help you in your quest to at least APPEAR to be well-read and intellectual 'n' stuff, I offer you this VIDEO study guide of Steinbeck's THE RED PONY. No need to thank me profusely; just pay it forward...




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