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Mojo is occasionally active on Facebook--unlike the rest of the world--and it is not uncommon for well-meaning people to offer (or at least propagate) Inspirational Quotes and Lists to Help Guide Us on the Journey. Some of them are thoughtful and pregnant with meaning, while some are merely annoying to Mojo, such as when someone attributes something like "OMG just LOOK at that SUNSET!!! It, like, makes me feel all PEACEFUL AND STUFF!" to Thoreau, who most certainly did not write that way.

Another Public Service Thanks to Your Awesome Internet Chum Mojo

What's that, you say, young Mojo fan? Your horrifically cruel English teacher is making you read Steinbeck? Yeah, he's a light-hearted load of laffs, that one! Just GREAT to read when you're an angst-ridden teen wondering if life is indeed worth living. (Spoiler alert: It generally IS, although there WILL be some sucky spots.)

To help you in your quest to at least APPEAR to be well-read and intellectual 'n' stuff, I offer you this VIDEO study guide of Steinbeck's THE RED PONY. No need to thank me profusely; just pay it forward...



Mojo Offers You PROOF.

FredGranted, Mojo complains about so many petty things it is easy to just kinda tune her out and ignore her many LEGITIMATE and HEART-RENDING ISSUES. Take the new kitten, for example. How could Mojo EVER complain about the CUTEST KITTEN EVAR? I mean, he's sitting here LEANING AGAINST MY ARM as I type! Don't "Awwww" too loud or you'll wake him up!


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