Mojo's Amazing Shrinking Fireplace Log!

So last weekend I decided to just blow through the rest of the dry firewood and have one last nice fire. We still have maybe half a cord or so, now that the snow is mostly gone, but it's been essentially under water all winter, so it's not gonna burn anytime soon. (I have since brought some of it in anyway, in the foolish, foolish notion that it could conceivably "dry out" in a week, even though I know in my heart of hearts that drying out firewood takes MONTHS. But let's leave Mojo to her delusion and hope there's not a subzero power outage within the next month or so.) More Mojo!>>

It Figures.

There are some peripheral figures in Mojo's life that Mojo somewhat vaguely wishes weren't there and would just move on to happier pastures. But Mojo is lazy and does not wish to offend, so as long as they don't inconvenience Mojo too much and they are content to remain in the shadows and only pop up once in a while Mojo is content to let things be. None of this "wind beneath my wings" crap, more like a tick, or some other blood-sucking parasite that's not doing enough damage to scratch out of there once and fer all. More Mojo!>>

Auntie Mojo, Times THREE!

Today (Tuesday) I left the house in the morning. Mrs. Yellowthroat wasn't on the nest, so I took a peek, as is my custom. Three eggs.

I came home mid-afternoon. Mrs. Yellowthroat wasn't on the nest, so I took a peek.

Surprise! No eggs! Just three ugly little spudlings!

The picture's a bit blurry 'cuz I had to run and get the camera and snap their portraits before Mrs. Yellowthroat came back. I'm sure she was glaring at me the whole time, anyway. More Mojo!>>

I Don't Mind Spinach, But....

Okay, so recently I was involved in a vast conspiracy to surprise a five-year-old--an undertaking that apparently requires four or five adults working full time for a couple of weeks trying to get everything to come together at the proper time. My job (no doubt because Mojo is intellectually incapable of handling anything more complex) was to keep him quiet and occupied for several hours before the surprise was sprung.

Easy enough, sez I. We'll just eat lunch and watch videos. But of course being a five-year-old, he got to pick what videos to watch. And he decided there was nothing in the world he wanted to see than his new DVD, chockablock full of over two and a half hours of vintage Popeye the Sailor cartoons. More Mojo!>>

A New Talent!

I happened to glance out an upstairs window just in time to catch the little stinker doing this. We have this old dilapidated shed on the property and Ratty has never before given it much notice. Until today. He balances on the edge of the trailer, jumps up to the little overhang above the window, and then up to the roof.

Ratty is very proud of himself and came in the house yowling with pride. And then yowled me outside so he could show off in person. It drives the dog nuts because she cannot follow. More Mojo!>>

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