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'Tis the Season....

No, people, as much as some might dearly wish, Mojo is not dead. She was not swept out to sea by Hurricane Sandy--although Sandy DID rip a substantial amount of roofing off the bedroom addition to the house. Now that we have two inches of snow forecast for tonight, instead of fixing it proper I was up there with bandaids and chewing gum, hoping my fairly-native (okay, so we moved to New England when I was six months old) Yankee ingenuity will somehow keep us from waking up with a big pile of snow on the blankets. And looking forward to a proper big ol' roofing job once the weather turns warmer.

So Mojo thought, in her infinite wisdom, that rather than paying for her roof out of pocket, she should instead launch a MASSIVE CHRISTMAS SEASON OBNOXIOUS MARKETING EXTRAVAGANZA and raise the funds for her new and exciting Lamborghini oops, I mean, "roof". (That's okay, Mojo, you will just remember to take that out before this post goes live. And while you're hiding things from your adoring public, remember, Mojo--you're the greatest!) More Mojo!>>

Whaddaya Want Me To Do?

Dear People in Mojo's Life Who Seem Dedicated to Making Mojo's Life Even More Difficult Than It Already Is,

Tell me. What is Mojo supposed to do with you? Since Mojo really CANNOT FATHOM someone who will PROMISE to do something, SWEAR to do something, and then flat-out NOT DO IT. More Mojo!>>

Mojo Spreads Some Cheer!

Only to herself, mind you, but it's a start.

I've been feeling down lately, and trying to figure out why, and last week it finally struck me: I have been reading a TON of depressing books, lately. "In Cold Blood", inspired by the Capote film, and then the Truman Capote biogaphy. I LOVED ICB, but the biography itself was a violent depressing downward spiral that left me depressed.

I then began discusssing Capote to anyone who would listen. One of my librarians said she couldn't read ICB because of the subject matter, but she loved loved loved Capote's other stuff. So I read "Other Voices, Other Rooms" because both she and Capote's biographer gushed about how lush and beautifully it was written. More Mojo!>>

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