Spending the Holidays....

If you're scrambling for holiday gifts and you're looking for something not too expensive that will require VERY LITTLE THOUGHT OR EFFORT on the part of you, the magnanimous giver, Mojo oh-so nonchalantly suggests you buy one or two or a dozen or so of her books she has recently put up for sale at fine booksellers everywhere.

These are actual books written by our beloved Mojo, mind you, not a stupid compilation of blog posts you can read for free, or crappy books others have given her and now she's foisting off on people who just want something that once resided, however briefly, in Mojo's hot little hands. No--real books; novels, as a matter of fact. So tell your friends, wake the neighbors, and rip 'em apart on the reviews on Amazon if you have the notion. (You could say NICE things about them too, if you like, but when was the last time Mojo ever said anything nice about YOU, huh? I rest my case.) More Mojo!>>

April Fools!

As usual Mojo got distracted by something shiny and forgot to blog about this. Either that or Mojo finds spiders infinitely more interesting than her own drab life. Or maybe because Mojo is now superstitious about complaining about her beloved Deathtrap of a car. Or maybe she's just lazy. Either way, this happened on April Fools, and while Mojo is not a fan of the typical moronic April Fools joke--"Hey, Mojo! Your whole family's been killed in a tragic bus plunge! April Fool! More Mojo!>>

Thpeaking of Thpiderth....

So here's my Favorite Younger Brother-in-Law, spreading the word that Spiders are Cool to my Summer Reading group here at the library yesterday. We talked about spiders and hopefully got some of the little ones to think before they squish. We had a pretty good crowd--over ten kids.

FYBiL (wait--that looks too suspiciously like "feeble") is holding Kiki, a Chilean Rose tarantula. He has had Kiki for many years, now. Female tarantulas can live for twenty or thirty years if you take good care of them. More Mojo!>>

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