Mojo Wishes You a Merry Christmas....

Christmas... a time to forgive

If you've ever wondered how Mojo became the enchanting and bewitching lass that she has become, wonder no more.


The only immediate family member from Mojo's youth to escape this seasonal wrath was her Favorite Younger Sister, who is represented via proxy. That's because Mojo did not have any decent pictures of her handy, and those I found on the internet tended to be crowd shots of her as a single face in a sea of faces. Because that's the sort of questionable life she leads. Not that Mojo judges. Not to her face, anyway. More Mojo!>>

Mojo Cruelly Interrupts Your Enjoyment of Pigs' Feet and Cheese...

Wilbur and Dawn


I just found out (yeah, Mojo's ALWAYS late to the party) that I made the float again over at the Comics Curmudgeon's COTW. My finalist-winning entry involves a baffling mixture of Mary Worth and Greek mythology. For those of you too darn lazy to click on any of the above links and search for "mojo" (Yeah, I know, it took me two days to get around to it myself) I said the following:

“My growing suspicion that Wilbur Weston has never actually had sex in his life has since led me to suspect that Dawn actually sprang, fully formed, from his forehead. Which would explain the comb-over.”

I'm sorry. I fully intended to never mention Mary Worth again, but making the float is a rare honor for me. One of these days I hope to maybe make the full-fledged COTW, but the competition is so awesomely stiff--there's some funny, funny people over there, plus most of 'em can WRITE--I'm guessing that will probably never happen. But I enjoy trying!

Back to work!

Mojo More Mojo!>>


Back in my younger, crazier days, when I had time for such silliness, I adapted my computer (about three or four computers ago) to do all sorts of things. Mostly because I came across a website full of Simpsons audio files, and I set up my computer to do all these things every time something happened.

For example, every time I quit a program or shut down the computer, this quote from Homer would sound: More Mojo!>>

Finding a Source

Keeping my dressing supplies up-to-date is becoming more and more difficult. For despite our smiling relationships with the various pharmacies we are pillaging, they are actually sort of LYING to us and not reordering that which we so obviously need and want. I pity anyone else within a hundred miles of where I live who may suffer a large injury and require large dressings, because I am systematically wiping out every pharmacy I find.

[adsense:300x250:1:1] More Mojo!>>

Who Shoots First?

So I'm doing the rounds, like I do periodically, and I discover this whole brouhaha going on that I was blissfully unaware of. It seems a couple of months ago some chuckleheaded simpletons did something really, really stupid and perhaps slimy (depending on the version you read) and managed to cheese off a very large online community. Words were exchanged, stupid people attempted to hide their stupidity, which made things worse as always, escalation, snowball, yelling and screaming, he said, she said, Hitler, your mother....the usual Internet flamewar explosion, like can be seen all over the place. Nothing new there. I won't go into the specifics because they really don't matter in the long run. Unless you were personally involved. Then of course it matters a Whole Bunch. More Mojo!>>

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