Now ANYONE can comment!

I had the Craptacular site set up originally so only members could post comments or use the forum--not to quash the kind anonymous well-wishers who visit the site, but as a ham-fisted attempt to quash comment-spam, which afflicts all sorts of blogs and forums. For if a comment spammer latches onto your site they will automatically post DOZENS of comments selling medications and online poker and since I did not have an anti-spam bot it is very tedious trying to keep up deleting by hand.

But now I have found software that claims it will catch and kill the spambots before they can grab hold and start spewing. More Mojo!>>

'Tis The Season.... :(

Since apparently the season is now in full swing, and since plain ol' common sense doesn't seem to be working, I'm starting a pool on how long it is before it becomes TOTALLY ILLEGAL to operate a lawn mower anywhere within FIVE YARD of a small helpless child. This law will hopefully include those morons who think it's a fun treat to take toddlers for a ride on their riding mowers.

Ummmmmm..... HELLO?????

So have a safe Fourth. Mojo's orders. And another mower-related tip: if you clog the blade, yank that li'l ol' spark plug wire before you reach under there to clean it, 'kay? Of course you do that already. I'm just reminding you. More Mojo!>>

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