As If You Didn't Think Mojo Was Awesome ENOUGH....

So lately Mojo has been reading and enjoying rage comics. They tend to be somewhat polarizing; some people like them, and some just can't STAND them. I was inspired for a couple of reasons: first, while you can draw your own, there is a growing library of faces and props that make the whole process fairly quick and painless. These things are so POORLY drawn--kinda on purpose--that they are a main source of irritation for the people who do not like such comics.

On the other hand, getting real emotion out of stick figures is quite an accomplishment, and the faces that have survived the process have really evolved to the point where you don't really have to say anything, you just put the face in the panel and everyone knows what you mean. More Mojo!>>

Mojo's History of Stupidity, Part One.

Lest the reader think that their beloved Mojo is somehow immune to the siren call of stupidity, over the next couple of posts I will offer the following somewhat chronological list of really stupid things I have done thus far in my life. Perhaps some may learn from my mistakes. Perhaps others will enjoy a cruel, cruel laugh at a naive, doe-eyed Baby Mojo's expense. (You monster, you.)

1. Don’t believe your older sister when she says "Ummmm, this dirt tastes sooooooo good!"

Lesson learned: There is no good-tasting dirt.

2. Don’t believe your older sister when she says the ice on the skating rink is paper thin and covers a bottomless pit and you will surely fall in and die if you go out there.

Lesson learned: My older sister was a big fat liar. Okay, I probably should have learned that from the first rule, but what can I say; Mojo's a bit slow. Incidentally, I have never learned how to ice skate. But I have become very good at clutching the fence for dear life, screaming and sobbing hysterically for my mother. Some talents never go out of style.

To be continued at a later date....

More Mojo!>>

Another One Bites the Dust....

So Mojo is one of those poor misinformed people who has never had the opportunity to see certain movie classics. Like Taxi Driver. Sure, I've seen enough clips and parodies you'd SWEAR I've seen it all the way through, but I haven't. (Ditto The Godfather until I was somewhere in my thirties.) More Mojo!>>

Okay, Is There A More DISGUSTING Hobby?

...than EATING CONTESTS, that is?

Usually these vile pigs are scarfing down hot dogs, and we poor news viewers are suddenly treated to extreme closeups of grownups smearing food all over their faces. Mojo doesn't even like it much when CHILDREN do that, let alone people that she had vainly hoped would somehow know better by virtue of their age. More Mojo!>>

Further Evidence of Mojo's Innate Stupidity! if more were needed.

Okay, as we all know--and I HOPE you've been taking notes--Mojo is back to driving her beloved Taco pickup truck since the Deathtrap expired in the driveway a couple of weeks ago. Mojo LOVES the Taco. It was Mojo's first new car in like fifteen years when she bought it, back in '04. Which made the accident less than two weeks later, when that poor teenager t-boned me while I was stopped at a traffic light, particularly heart-breaking, but I digress. More Mojo!>>

Euuuuwwww. Euw, Euw, Euw, Euw, Eeeeuuuuuwww.

It's the weekend, it's been a long, busy week, and Mojo is tired. My delightful essay on sweeping the chimney will have to wait until Monday. All I will do today is go on the record--although I believe all right-thinking people are behind me so I am preaching to the choir--and say that every single "Axe for Men" commercial I have ever seen is the most repulsive thing on television since the latest FOX reality show. And, again like FOX, every time I see a new one I think, well, gosh, they can't POSSIBLY get more repulsive with this product, can they?

Well, surprise! Yes, they can. Not only with their useless, pathetic product but now they seem to want to turn Mojo off of chocolate for life. Forget all the old products, which apparently turned men into babe magnets who didn't have to bathe on a regular basis. (I mean, really, how gross is THAT?) Their newest product, which apparently turns men into GIANT CHOCOLATE PEOPLE complete with scary chocolate rabbit STARING CANDY EYES, is just plain DISTURBING as well as repulsive.

Okay, Mojo realizes young men can be stupid when them-there hormones start swirling about. But I maintain there is a special echelon of stupidity reserved for anyone who would ever buy this product or think the commercial is somehow a good idea. I thought the guy not showering and just spraying himself with Axe Stink and then peeling the scum off of his body was bad enough. But chocolate Easter Bunny Boy losing pieces of his anatomy as he walks down the street is so utterly repulsive on so many levels Mojo can't believe it made it past storyboards.

Mojo is so turned off by the whole entire Axe campaign she suspects she must be missing something and they are in fact ironically self-aware parodies of themselves. If that's the case they're not doing a very good job of it. Ditto that TAG crap. (What, young males can't figure out names with more than three letters?)

Although I'm not a HUGE fan of Family Guy they DO have the occasional good line now and then, and I DID mildly enjoy their little cutaway of "TAG for Sick Cats". Note I DON'T say I believe it to be Comedy Genius, but it about says everything I would say regarding male body sprays attracting women. Don't click on the movie if you don't want to watch a cartoon cat throw up. Seriously.

I leave you with that for the weekend... that, and the final TAGline, "This spray is not for me."


Family Guy - Sick Cats - video powered by Metacafe

Another Useless, Time-Wasting Riff (i.e. Complaint) About Stupidity.

Stupid people. There are two types. Well, make that three. The first type, and the sort I was about to leave out, are the stupid people who realize right to the letter just how stupid they are. Ironically, I view this brand of stupidity as the first step toward actual intelligence. When you're in your twenties, you think you pretty much know everything and you dearly love to lecture your elders in How Things Ought to Be. At least Mojo did, charming lass that she was and is. More Mojo!>>

Poor Rosie, Redux

Rosie is still recuperating after an exciting weekend. We had my Six-Year-Old Friend to visit, of course, and she had an absolute ball being mauled and abused by him. Right now I own two of the nicest and kindest animals I have ever known. They are so totally kidproof I would trust them with a newborn baby. So a tough character like my Six-Year-Old Friend just pigpiles into the zoo and somehow comes out okay the other side. More Mojo!>>


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