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Q: Where's Mojo?

A: She's busy. Can't you leave her alone for two seconds? She has a new kitty, she's working hard on stuff, fall is arriving and she has yet to get any firewood, and now poor Rosie has officially become Ugly Lumpy-Nose, due to a histiocytoma that suddenly erupted on her nose. Vet says it will go away on its own in a month or two, but in the meantime, on top of her many other concerns and responsibilites, Mojo is further burdened with One Ugly Dog!


Ugly Lumpy Nose

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Mojo's So Freakin' AWESOME...

Mojoceratops...they named a dinosaur after her.

Would Mojo ever lie to you? No, she wouldn't. Because unlike most of the wretched people in your sad, pathetic life, Mojo cares about you, oh lucky internet stranger. Cares enough about you to always tell you the truth. Granted, if you ask my beloved Favorite Mother, she will insist there are times when I've mentioned her on this blog where she believes I have maybe "stretched" things a bit for comic effect. To which I say: I am shocked, SHOCKED, I tells ya, that she would ever say such a thing about her Forgotten Middle Child. And people wonder how Mojo turned out as well as she did, with THAT sort of thing going on in the background.

But I digress. This is just a quick non-mockingbird post to announce that yes, indeed, they have indeed discovered a new dinosaur and named it after Yours Truly. And none of them wimpy stupid scurrying ratlike chicken dinosaurs, neither, but a proud 'Ceratops style critter. The sort that could turn over your car and gore a T-Rex. And then make it with da ladies like nobody's bidness.

Mojoceratops 2

Have a good weekend, folks. Even if you're one of those sorry sorts who DON'T have a dinosaur named after you....

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A Little Thing To Make You Happy....

At least, it made Mojo happy. And that's all that matters in this world, huh?

Thanks to the wonders of YouTube and my friend Jack who discovered it, I am pleased to show you one role model in Mojo's girlhood journey to goddess. The one, the only Julia Child, showing us lesser beings how to create life in the kitchen. Literally.

I don't know what I love better: Julia, or the cheesy painting depicting the circulation of water vapor in the atmosphere, or the way our gal Julia just sort of heaves her props off-camera when she's done with them. The butcher knife as a pointer is an especially nice touch.

Dang, ya gotta love this woman! Have a good weekend, folks....


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