carefree childhood

IN WHICH Mojo Writes a Brief Letter to Her Younger Self

Dear Baby Mojo,

I hope you're enjoying your relatively idyllic, privileged and carefree childhood. You might be pleased to note that your adult version is likewise reasonably happy with how things turned out. Like that guy you'll meet when you're eighteen? The one where it was raining out and he looked like a drowned rat? Yeah, him. Turns out your stupid little moony infatuation was right: he's a really good guy, with the added bonus of getting even better as time goes on. More Mojo!>>

Mojo's Good Enough....

Ahhh. I've always suspected this.

Bear in mind, as much as she whines her petty complaints, Mojo still regards herself as an essentially happy, optimistic and well-adjusted person. This is the burden one must bear, I suspect, when one endures an essentially happy and carefree childhood in a functional, loving family. Of course there is that little matter of NEVER GETTING THE PONY I WANTED when I was a child, but does Mojo bear grudges? Well, yeah, duh. But not serious ones. More Mojo!>>

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