Mojo Hates People.

Mojo's Favorite Husband, to keep her on her toes, sometimes likes to relay a litany of stories of the various customers in his line of work who dearly love to try to get services and products for free. This usually involves bullying and lying and wheedling and all those other way attractive things. Mojo's Favorite Husband has a gazillion such stories, but usually after one or two Mojo has had enough and begs him to stop. More Mojo!>>

The Professional Busybody

A little while back I was stuck at one of those all day conference doohickies. I went by myself and didn't know anyone there. It was one of those pointless wastes of time that sounded good when you signed up, but within five minutes you are regretting ever hearing of it.

And of course there has to be that ONE PERSON who is determined to tailor everything to his or her specific needs. They keep holding up the proceedings with really dumb, basic questions and/or pointless anecdotes that do nothing to illuminate the issue being discussed but show with huge neon-glowing signs that this person is utterly incompetent in the professional arena in addition to their total lack of social skills. And everyone is being polite and smiling, instead of groaning and rolling their eyes whenever this person raised their hand, so you know you're in it for the long haul. More Mojo!>>

Am I The Only One Offended By This?

It's the latest Burger King ads. The "I'm a Guy" campaign, sung to Helen Reddy's "I am Woman". I think it's supposed to be funny. It's just dull, and borderline offensive--and not funny ha-ha offensive, just.... offensive, somehow. And to be honest, despite my constant never-ending litany of petty complaints I am actually a fairly laid-back person who does not offend easily. Unless something is really stupid, that is.

What's the deal with this trend behind this sudden appeal to macho idiocy, anyway? I can understand if it's a backlash for how men lately are depicted as stupid idiots in sitcoms, but this ain't helping your case, fellas. Even if it's meant to be ironic. More Mojo!>>

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